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Welcome to!

Khaos Gate formed originally back in 2004 as a Call Of Duty clan. We have since reformed as a multi platform public community (and WoW guild) looking to delve into titles such as Call Of Duty 4, Unreal Tournament 3, Team Fortress and extending the existing WoW following.

We are a UK based community, although other English speaking gamers are welcome to get involved. We have 2 World of Warcraft Guilds, Khaos Gate Guild and HeadHumpers representing PvE & PvP respectively. If you are interested in playing competitions, maybe even building a team for a new title, or even just playing casually with a bunch of lads from the UK then sign up and give us a shout.


Other Guild News

Khaos Gate Quel'Thalas has merged.

Sokar Osiris, Nov 6, 08 4:01 PM.
The Khaos Gate Guild on Quel'Thalas  has merged with Gloria Aeterna this guild offers more to guild members Gloria Aeterna's web address is as of now all members of the Quel'Thalas Guild have joined Gloria Aeterna.

Khaos Gate Guild is Back!

Sokar Osiris, Sep 23, 08 7:14 PM.
As many of you know that Khaos Gate Guild on Quel'Thalas dissapated with me taking a break from WoW for personal and financial reasons, well recently I returned and brought back with me a few of the old guild back to Quel'Thalas but this time we hit the Horde again.

Members are welcome to join back and I appologise for my time out from WoW and the Guild, HeadHumpers the PvP Server Guild will still be running on Daggerspine the original home of Khaos Gate.


Armory hooks now working

539426923_Inactive, May 9, 08 1:26 PM.
Just a quick one- The armory is now working, go check your preferences and get your character hooked in.


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