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Meridyth (Applicant) 7/20/2010 2:11 AM EST : Meridyth
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The Ayr'dal strolled along the precarious planks that linked each platform together. Tension drew the lips so thin they paled considerably against her otherwise well-tanned features. It wasn't that she disliked Kelethin or anything, just that it always felt so backwards, intentionally confusing to keep the riff raff out. Yet, here she was anyway. Stormy gray eyes traced over one acorn and onto another, the slender black brows now knotted in consternation while she tried to remember just where it was she was supposed to be delivering the message. Which meant searching her pockets to find the address again.

She searched the pockets of her loose cloth trousers, muttering, a few strands of her glossy black hair coming loose from its twist to scatter around her shoulders with the first good brush of air. Unaware, uncaring that the strands tickled her bared shoulders, Meri rummaged about until finding that small creased paper that had somehow wedged into the very point of the thin-lined pocket. Shaky fingers unfurled the slim bit of paper to read the address ... or what could be read of it. By now the ink was smudged to the point it was barely comprehensible.

She couldn't help a groan of misery. Bristlebane's revenge, it seemed, because he'd surely get a laugh out of the wayward woman giving the letter to the wrong place.

So, stuffing the useless bit of paper back into that tiny wedge it'd been resting in, she used an old nursery rhyme to figure out which door was the correct door. "Eenie Meanie Minee Moe, Catch Bristlebane by his toe. If he dances, let him go. Eenie Meanie Minee Moe!" Wandering up to the door, she slipped the folded piece of paper beneath it, then gave a superbly soft knock to the door for luck, and backed away to admire the dancing orbs of light that cast a soft glow to the canopy that rose high above the city. Meri could only hope one was luck, flitting about merrily with its eye on her.

Hail to you, Sojourners!

I am Meridyth Palesa, a vagabond of sorts who has strayed down many paths in my time. That path gets very lonely on its own and folks with a like mind of traveling make a journey easier to endure from time to time. I don't mind sharing the wealth, mind you, but having folks to share those tales with, dredge up some memories and rouse up a little fun to make more sounds like a good enough idea for me. Besides, I'd make myself worth something to ya. I've done work as a tender, as a dancer and singer, and I'm pretty crafty with a dagger at times.

I'll be patiently waiting to hear from you.

- Meri

Out Of Character (OOC):

Character name: Meridyth Palesa

How did you find out about us?
It started as a song about Tregarde and bloomed into curiosity about the guildies whom I RPed with randomly

Why are you interested in joining the Sojourners?
Well, like Meri, I'm wanting cameraderie and a guild to enjoy. Friendship, some groups if they're possible, and some roleplay.

We are a very active RP guild. While it is not required to participate in RP, please tell us a little about your RP experience:

I started RPing on a forum-based and wandered into Vanguard: saga of Heroes. All in all, I've been roleplaying for about a good 6 years, have been leader a few times, been officer as well, and am basically in love with RP.

What do you feel you will be able to contribute as a member of our guild?
I love to do writs, love to do tavern evenings and help with HQs, mostly because I still remember that whole "just joined the game" feeling, but also because it's almost like a new experience. As for RP ... I'm fairly open when it comes to RP and am eager to join into whatever's there.

What will the Sojourners be able to do for you as one of our members?
All I ask is for a fun-loving, friendly guild, maybe a chance to group from time to time, and to share the fun of the game.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?
Um... I love to help with events a lot and am intending for Meridyth to get back into the dancing scene. Plus I have a few alts that I can hop to for anything, if necessary, for any reason or use.

Melago (Applicant) 7/20/2010 1:03 PM EST : RE: Meridyth
Posts: 69

Oh my, you forgots to answer the most importants question of thems all!!

Do you likes muffins? ands whats your favourites one?

Rimiko (SuperAdmin) 7/20/2010 2:00 PM EST : RE: Meridyth
SoN Senior Officer & Recruiter
Posts: 268

((Greetings! If you've not already had the chance to speak with an officer and recieve your guild invite you will be hearing from me shortly! I look forward to meeting you in game and welcome!))
Signature Artwork by Kelesia
Characters: Rimiko

dwraith_rah (Applicant) 7/21/2010 8:27 AM EST : RE: Meridyth
Posts: 89

((heya meridyth and welcome! didn't get to say hello and welcome you online last night you logged out before I realized you were logged on. Welcome to the nuthouse and  hope you enjoy it here.  We're kinda small but pretty close knit. I could tell you everyone's dark secrets for the right bribery price *nod nod* =P ))

Tregardé Nas'Kall (Member) 7/21/2010 9:11 AM EST : RE: Meridyth
SoN Guild Leader
Tregardé Nas'Kall
Posts: 1413

[[ Just remember to keep the chocolate flowing and there will be no problems.

Commander of the The Sojourners of Norrath

Meridyth (Applicant) 7/21/2010 9:37 PM EST : RE: Meridyth
Posts: 102

((OK first, yes ... Muffins are delicious and evil to my diet! So I will be forced to give them all to you Melago!

Thank you for the invitation, I'm excited about bugg- I mean getting to know all of you and learning all the devious secrets *Whispers to Pleyena* We'll talk soon!

As for the flow of chocolate, I'll see what I can do!))

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