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Forums : Applications and Recruitment > An application scrawled out in Feri'dal script on some very weathered parchment.
Lasvainavin (Applicant) 4/11/2011 6:58 PM EST : An application scrawled out in Feri'dal script on som...

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Out Of Character (OOC):

Character name:  Lasvainavin

How did you find out about us?  Antu!

Why are you interested in joining the Sojourners?
 - I have known Antu for some time and she spoke very highly of you.  After watching some of your members I was very impressed by the level of roleplay and apparent level of camaraderie shown. 

We are a very active RP guild. While it is not required to participate in RP, please tell us a little about your RP experience:
 - I have been roleplaying to some extent since about 1982 (Oh wow... did I just ever date myself.) and playing EQ and EQ2 pretty much since they opened the doors.  I love good roleplay and especially enjoy random roleplay.

What do you feel you will be able to contribute as a member of our guild?
 - I am able to contribute Me!  Wait... erm... you mean you need more?  Hmmm...
 - Having a fair amount of experience with roleplaying and the EQ2 world I am very willing to help those new to either world (roleplay and/or Norrath) as a Mentor, Guide, Etc... in any way I can.  I also look forward to simply roleplaying and being a part of the camaraderie I have already seen.
What will the Sojourners be able to do for you as one of our members?
 - Simply do what I have already seen you do assist in my becoming familiar with the Antonia Server as nearly all of my experience comes from Lucan Server... erm... Crush D'Lere.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?
 - I absolutely love decorating and assisting with decorating residences and touring well designed homes.  I have a 90 Carpenter on Crushbone Server... leading to...
 - Nearly All of my experience and characters are on Crushbone and I am fairly new to Antonia Server with only two characters over here.

In Character (IC):

A well tanned male Feir'dal of average height, but hair and eyes the color of angry storm clouds and a strong and confident gaze, glides through the entrance with a breeze at his back and with a well worn envelope in his hand.  Barely breaking stride he politely hands the envelope to the first person he sees behind a desk and in Feir'dal asks "Could you please ensure that a recruiter for Sojourners of Norrath receives this letter.  I am Lasvainavin and I am off to the lands of New Halas where I hear the climate and terrain are both harsh and beautiful and I can not wait to experience both!"  With a polite nod and thank you the Feir'dal is gone as quickly as he arrived.

The letter reads:


  I am Lasvainavin.  In my travels I have heard many a good thing of your order.  Myself I enjoy experiencing Karana and Tunare at their finest and even more so when experienced with a good friend at my side.  As I grow I hope to experience and learn as much of Norrath and its unique cultures as I am able and if I can do so with an ally at my side it will be all the better.  For now I am off to the Lands of New Halas where I hear rumors of strong and beautiful ale, stronger and more beautiful Halasian women, and even stronger yet, weather and terrain.  I hope to learn as much about them all as I can before moving to the next adventure!

May our paths join again!


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