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Meridyth (Applicant) 9/3/2010 9:33 AM EST : Meridyth
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Full Name:  Meridyth Marienne Palesa
Nicknames: Meri, Merry, Whistles
Race: Ayr'dal -- Half human and half Feir'dal
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Again, unknown, but thought to be in late 20's
Hair: Black with violet hues, short and commonly spiked out
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: Dark gray with green undertints
Height: 5"6
Weight: Slender with some muscle undertone -- 135 lbs.

Occupation: Troubadour and Pirate
Crafting: Jeweler

Place of Residence: Maj'dul in the Court of Truth
Place of Birth: Freeport, in the Beggar's Court

Meridyth has a habit of wearing sleeveless vests and cloth pants that are loose in general. One could consider her tomboyish in looks, but not always in actions as she wavers from general friendliness to flirtation on a whim. She often has a grin on her face, even when irritated, and a slight cleft in her chin. Her right hand bears scars from a shark bite and the pinkie curls at an odd angle, which makes playing difficult instruments like mandolins hard. Hours under the sun keep her with a strong tan, skin brown, but very soft from oils used from the Maj'dul markets. The exotic smell of blended flowers and spices are known to follow her.

From Meri's right wrist comes a very light chain that can extend and let her companion bat, Pest, fly around. The bat is vampiric in nature and commonly sits on her shoulder. It's also his habit to bite on her ear and lick at blood that he draws, but there are times there's light skims of red where the blood has dried.

On any occasion that Meri dresses up like a woman, she has a habit of coiling a necklace around her neck that's similar to a snake in looks. The necklace has colored jewels and different shining metals that make up the scales of the snake and its eyes are amethysts. Matching wristlets and an anklet that goes around her right foot are usually worn and a toe ring for her left large toe, made in gold. She never wears earrings or any sorts of rings along her hands. As for weapons, there's usually one hidden in her boot and two thin ones strapped to her side. On occasions that there's an actual sword on her belt, she uses a dirk with a special gem in the hilt.


      Level: 85
      Class: Troubadour
      RP Power: Her voice has an ability to draw lines of energy that she uses to wield in different, magical fashions.

      Harietta Colvwyn:
      -Aged 54 and still working at the tavern in Beggar's Court
      -Hair a bright red with many gray streaks and a loud, shrill voice
      -Hard gray eyes
      - She has a strong mean streak and likely to take a man to bed or give off information on anyone if it means coin.

      Father: Unknown Feir'dal


      Captain Ebbard the Graybeard, owner of the Blood Emblem ship

      The story: Meridyth served for a two months under the dwarf captain who was more interested in his drink than his gems. One night, she gave him some of the stoutest brew possible, then stuffed what she could of his treasure into her bags and ran off. Two nights later, there was a poster out for an Ayr'dal with bright red tresses down to the small of her back and a piercing at her brow. She wandered over to a second boat and met up with a former lover there, forced to serve under a overtly sexual female who used the crewmen for her pleasures and found Meri's presence a nuisance to her games. It came more and more apparent that she'd be hanging from a noose, so Meri skipped the boat as well to set up in comfort in Maj'dul, having sneaked a few platinum from this captain as well.

Having decided to grow her locks back out, a few individuals recognized her as a former dancer/singer at a brothel, and worker for the Ayr'dal brotherhood. To escape their inquiries, having no recognition or memory of them or of her past doings past being found in the waters half-alive, she happened upon a prince within the Mythic tavern and joined the gypsy family for protection as well as ambiguity's sake. She soon grew tired of the prince's aggravating teasing and felt less safe there in their midsts than on her own, which led her to Kelethin where she knew that she'd never be searched for by those of the Brotherhood.


      Bekke: Pirate and former lover, Beowald and Terrces Dar'Fun, Iquai and Tibbey Swikka

      Fashion of Choice: Sleeveless vests, cloth pants and leather boots
      Armor of Choice: Chainmail that's light
      Weapons of Choice: Two long daggers or one saber and a dirk. The dirk is one that was stolen from her first kill, though she doesn't know this.

      Special Abilities: A crooning ability to draw peoples' attention to her, sometimes to mesmerize or give them energy to speed up, blending magical notes into her singing to affect others.


      Alignment: Chaotic neutral that borders on evil at times

      Motivations: Money means more than anything to her and only one person has ever changed her mind from coin, though she refuses to ever speak his name again. Anyone else could be sold or ratted upon for money in her pocket. The second is being protected and keeping her loved one(s) protected.

      Disposition: Cheerful as a whole and slow to anger; often teasing and friendly with strangers; more commonly a flirt, if it fits her purpose; generous with some things, like food, drink and giving a hand in matters that might mean coin; Nasty when angry and has a sharp tongue; Curious by nature; Eager when it comes to traveling and finding new treasures

      Outlook: Optimistic; relentless; thoughtful; calculated; cautions; amiable

      Religion/Philosophy: "Life is something to laugh at, so why not follow a prankster for a god?"
      Off-hand follower of Bristlebane

      Sexuality: Heterosexual, though there are moments of bi-curiosity and homosexual lust

      Positive Personality Traits: Friendly, cheerful, teasing, slow to anger, faithful once trust is earned, generous, doesn't lie
      Negative Personality Traits: Slow to trust, calculated, untrustworthy, bends the truth
      Misc. Quirks: Carries a bat along on her shoulder and whistles commonly. An unknown quirk is that a certain note has a possibility of setting her off in a murderous rage, though the note is a very difficult and particular one only a female can reach.


Likes: Music, romance, night time especially in Maj'dul, creativity
Dislikes: Coldness, being double crossed, liars and unfaithfulness

Favorite Foods: Steak, meat pies
Favorite Drinks: Brandy and scotch
Favorite Colors: Blue and Purple

Hobbies: Composing, treasure-seeking, roaming Norrath

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