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Exalted is a family-oriented raiding guild on the Muradin server. What we mean by this, is that we all have families and lives outside this game.  We're here to have fun and enjoy ourselves - not make it a career.  We currently raid four nights a week; Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday depending on the content. Raids start at 6:45 PM Server time (7:45 PM EST).
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3 Bosses down in ZA

539078432_Inactive, Nov 25, 07 9:22 AM.
Learning phases for this zone continue.  Nalorakk is on farm now, time to start moving multiple groups through as well.

the Dragonkiller Killed again

539078432_Inactive, Oct 16, 07 9:10 PM.
High King dead, Gruul dead - time to put them on farm status.

Gruul's Lair Cleared

539080407_Inactive, Oct 10, 07 11:40 PM.
After months of farming KZ, beefing up our ranks we saw the end results of our efforts.... both the High King and Grull are dead!
  Grats everyone!!   Great job by all!!!

Nightbane dead - both KZ runs

539078432_Inactive, Sep 26, 07 7:44 PM.
Our first session even attempting Nightbane was a success - congrats to all who dropped him.  Time to put both KZ runs on farm status so we can move on to bigger and better things.

Netherspite down and Prince dead again

539078432_Inactive, Aug 26, 07 10:27 PM.
Only Nightbane remains for us to clear Karazhan.
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