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Aracean Savagery Society
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Welcome to the Aracean Savagery Society 

We are a new guild just starting up on the Mouning Server of Shadowbane. -ASS- is an Aracoix only RP guild. It has been some time since there has been RP on Mourning and it is our attempt to bring some of it back. We are looking for new members willing to "break ties" with their current guild for a more creative and enjoyable experience. We do not ask that all your ties be severed but when you log on your toon in -ASS- you are your aracoix and are not concerned about the alternative guild you may be part of.      

All names for the guild will be written in the aracean language and whilst it is not required that you speak in Aracoix tongues while playing, it might spice things up a bit if you know what you are yelling at your enemies and get confused tells in response. However, there are limitations to the knowledge of the language at the moment. So if you want to come up with Aracean sounding first names followed by an aracoix last name that is perfectly suitable ex. Acroct Erht Rish'takra "Acroct the Sky Commander". 

It is our hope to come up with fun and creative spec groups with the limited abilities of the Aracoix. However with the new addition of bards to the Aracoix race we will now be a much formidable opponent.
I hope that you decide to join us. Until this site is fully upgraded I will be on Tellotharch in game.

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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