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Warriors of Judgement Keep
Our Keep Needs Mentors!
Jul 22, 07 10:32 AM
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Welcome, to the website of "Warriors of Judgement, Keep"

First, I'm going to explain the name. Everyone in the keep is a warrior of the keep. The are the warriors of judgement (day,) all together in one keep (guild.) Death follows the warriors of judgement, and we will show The 7th Hammer our wrath one day, and make all who oppose us step aside when they see a warrior walk by.

All members are "Warriors."
All officers are "Horsemen."
It sounds more medieval.

Our guild is based on a real-life SCA ( household called "Horsemen of Judgement Keep" ( /

We are a guild that is strongly family-based, so we're very helpful, and we're strongly knit together. The other aspect of our guild is that we love to kill. Raiding, grouping, adventuring - That's what a Warrior of Judgement loves to do.

All of my officer generals (ranking horsemen) will have mounts provided to them in the color of a black horse. I, myself, ride a white horse - Death rides upon a pale horse.

Death is not a factor, yet a helper, that rides along side his horsemen and warriors upon the keep.

Hail the Keep, and may death bless your next encounter.

Our Keep Needs Mentors!

539057473_Inactive, Jul 22, 07 10:32 AM.
We need guild class mentors. If you know a lot about a specific class, let myself or a horseman know so we can assign you as the class mentor. Up to 4 mentors for each class for now.
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