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Welcome to The AOS Site.  We are a mature, RELAXED guild.  We do have rules to be abided by-including no favoritism, no cliques, show up for runs you sign up for.  However we also make sure that all folks get a fair shot at running instances/raids etc-officers and guild leader will step out to ensure folks get a chance to go.  We have "The Vault" set up as a guide line for gear etc and fights in all raids.  We work as a group to get to End Game as a team.  Also we have many mates of all lvls being mains or alts and set up events for low lvl guildie runs.  Come out and have some fun in a guild made for ppl who do have RL obligations but want to get somewhere without pressure.  Cheers!

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Ace channel

Holistica, Jan 20, 09 3:58 AM.
We still have our Ace Channel active.  Its where ppl in other guilds we look to or look to us to team, group, ask advice, find ppl with specific get the allows our friends to stay in their guilds but still have contact with other guilds.  Please /join ace to get access to this channel and all it has to offer.

Guild Site is currently under re-construction to bring us upto date :)

Holistica, Jan 20, 09 3:54 AM.
Lol so clearly we have some updating to do to bring us out of the BC stone age and into the WOTLK era on this site...The Christmas Holidays took everyone's time up so now we're back on track and will make sure we can get those in WOTLK the info you need :)  Thanks for your patience Mates.
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