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Welcome to our new site!
Jul 17, 07 5:50 AM
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New Kala'din/LEKKU
We are a role-playing city and guild.  Our story is thus:
The Twi'lek of the Clan of New Kala'din have settled on Lok.  Our goal is gather the lost Twi'lek on Sunrunner (and from any other galaxy!) into the clan, in order to live in accord with Twi'lek tradition, and to revive our lost culture.

Kala'din was once a glorious city, the heart of Ryloth, the soul of Twi'lek commerece, culture, and military might.  Tragically, the Clan Council of Kala'din, blinded by greed, made a deal with pirates and mercenaries and permitted Ryll mining in the vast catacombs under Kala'din.

The pirates violated their agreement the Council and gutted the catacombs under Kala'din of all the Ryll deposits, causing the catacombs to become unstable.  The city of Kala'din collapsed under its own weight. The disater wiped out all of the council and most of the militia.   Artisans and crafters of all types, businesspersons, dancers, musicians, having no effective way to protect themselves from the combinded might of the pirates and slavers and mercenaries, were hoarded and enslaved countless Twi'lek were enslaved and sold to off-worlders.

Descendents of the Clan of Kala'din, along with Twi'lek from other clans, longed to revive the glory of Kala'din.  Once scattered across the galaxy, they gathered on Lok.  They vow to avoid the mistakes of the Council of Kala'din and to do all they can to revive their culture, to maintain, promote, and preserve their way of life during the dark days of the Galactic Civil War.

Since clan bonds are vastly more important than any other, New Kala'din in officially nuetral.  However, we realize that it can be beneficial to the clan for clanmbers to fight for the Rebellion or the Empire, should they so desire.  Hence, we accept Twi'lek of all factions.  The Council has ruled that under no circumstances will there be fighting within its city limits and that Twi'lek from the Clan of New Kala'din are not to fire on a fellow clan members at any time -- disregarding these rules may result in banishment from the Clan.

The Council of New Kala'din, and the Clan, agree that:

    * The Galactic Civil War is a heat storm, and will eventually run its course.  Therefore we remain neutral and opt to wait out the storm.  We deal anyone who is in some way profitable to us, who helps ensure our well-being.

    * New Kala'din accepts citizens from all factions and guilds.  

    * Although our Clan city is officially neutral individual Twi'lek may find it in their best interests to align themselves with factions.  Such alignments are permitted so long as Clan interests are in no way jeopardized.  Therefore, since clan membership far transcends petty faction alliances:  a) no member of the Clan shall participate in the Galactic Civil War within our city and b) Clan members ought to take great caution so as not to kill fellow citizens who belong to opposing factions outside of the city.  Violations of these policies may result in banishment from New Kala'din.  

    * The Council hears the voices of all the citizens of New Kala'din, carefully considers them, and acts so as to promote the well-being of the Clan.  Because the Clan sees things that the Council does not and has ideas the Council does not the Council encourages Clan Members to make their voices heard so that better decisions will be made.

    * The Council of Five includes the Mayor of New Kala'din, the Clan Guild Leader, and three other offices.  The Mayor and the Guild Leader are elected, the other three seats are appointed by the Council.   Members of the council, with the exception of the Mayor and Guild Leader, may be removed from the council by majority vote of the council or the Clan Members.   

    * No one in New Kala'din controls the economy of New Kala'din.  Rejecting centralized operations, all clan members actively take part in promoting clan interests by engaging in free enterprises, such as crafting, hunting, looting, and running businesses, as they see fit.   The Council not only believes that this is the best way for New Kala'din to prosper economically but that this respects the rights and autonomy of Clan Members and cultivates Twi'lek virtues, which will ensure that New Kala'din remains strong.

    * New Kala'din does not normally allow a'lekku ('those who lack lekku') to settle in New Kala'din.  The only exception is that a'lekku who marry Twi'lek of New Kala'din are fully accepted into the Clan.

Clan Website:

For more information on the LEKKU guild association, please contact in game Mera'din or Talo'dira.

For more information on the city of New Kala'din please contact in-game Morning or Eve'ning Dewback.

Welcome to our new site!

Morning, Jul 17, 07 5:50 AM.
Welcome to our new site everyone.

We're now back, up and running and looking more polished than ever.

After paying to have our old site returned to full privelages I soon found, to my dismay, that neither I nor anyone still left playing SWG had super admin privelages for our old page. So, after brief discourse with a Guildportal's support they were so kind as to refund my money and delete our old site so that we could retain our new site address: It cost a little more, but I definitely think it's worth the cost as opposed to having an address based solely on a random Guild ID number.

I hope everyone enjoys this site, I'm really lovin' setting it up!

Much love,

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