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Jul 19, 07 9:45 AM
Jun 24, 07 7:16 AM
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Hello all!  this website will be great one because its for a great guild!  im your guild master sweetberry here im chinche its real wierd story why im chinche but you will have to ask me that because i dont want to write that here!  i hope you have a nice day!  look around and see if you like it!  if you do tell me if you dont tell me i want to know! so have a good day and look around! :)
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538621329_Inactive, Jul 19, 07 9:45 AM.
hello evryone if you want to know the story why im  chinche heres the story about a year ago on the server gnomeragen i made a guild and went here to make the website.  i had to think of a name and the name of the guild was the chinches so i decided to make my name chinche wierd story huh?


538621329_Inactive, Jun 24, 07 7:16 AM.
we are recruiting all lvls races and classes!  we are a good guild that will help everyone if anyone wants they can donate money for our tabard! we are on world of warcraft and on the server stormrage!  we will help everyone so please recruit!
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