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Welcome to Death's Requiem!

Death's Requiem is a guild of older, mature players that have limited playing time due to life outside of World of Warcraft (WOW). Such as your job, kids, or the significant other in your life.  Our purpose is to help members connect for quests and/or instances to have as much fun as possible with the limited playing time that our members have.

Death's Requiem is a guild where the members count not just as a number but as the number one reason why we have a guild, to support each other and have fun.

We like to say "our" guild, not "my" guild. The officers are merely here to keep things organized and to facilitate growth. At the moment, the guild's main objective is to connect members for quests and instances. When the time comes for some direction, all members will be involved. However, we will never have any level or leveling requirements.  We know that there is life outside of WOW.

Before you apply, you should know:

We value the person who plays the game over the toons that are played by people.  We want to know about you personally, and are not particularly concerned about your toon's equipment, professions, etc.  The guild as a whole votes on who stays in the guild based upon what we learn about you as a person and, whether we believe that you would fit into our guild.

Death's Requiem is for mature players for whom World of Warcraft is only a game. 

We are not a hardcore endgame guild. We are a family and we promote a family type atmosphere.  We are proud to say we a very casual guild that loves being around each other.

If you have any questions, please contact Pyranara, either in-game or using our website email system. 

You can join Death's Requiem in 3 simple steps:

Code of Conduct

2. Create an account on Guild Portal.

3. Any member of Death's Requiem can extend an invite to anyone providing they think you will fit into our family.

That's it!  Hope to see you in game soon.

***Please note that your application may be viewed by members of our guild.

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