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Guild News
Hell in a handbasket
Mar 5, 05 11:23 AM
Forging ahead
Feb 23, 05 7:54 AM

EQ News

Welcome to Servants of the Fallen. Feel free to take a look around and ask some questions if you like. Our official welcome message is HERE . We welcome on and all to siege the lands of Norrath together.


Hell in a handbasket

Gumurak, Mar 5, 05 11:23 AM.
         Well things seemed to be ok. Then people stopped logging on. And others just didnt give a crap to take 5 mins to email me and tell me whats going on. Others just blew smoke up my ass. So for the remaining members we decided to merge. We are now part of the Numen Variorum family. And SoTf is closing its doors. It was fun while it lasted. But nothing lasts forever.

Forging ahead

Gumurak, Feb 23, 05 7:54 AM.
     Well now......things have been rather quiet around here lately. But our members main base have made some slow but steady progression. Which is the main goal anyways. Several people have showed some intent to look around our humble abode. But have found there is just too many guilds out there. In todays eq world it is almost imparitive to raid to gain enough progression, to be happy with what you have. But then you have members like us who remember the lore of the game, the quests, the fun of grouping rather than grinding. The days when fine steel was the best you could have. But most of all plain ol' fun.

     We continue to forge ahead with our plans of survival in the hopes that some folks realize they need a break from grind. And just cut loose and have some fun. Yes there are plenty of "family oriented/ raiding guilds" out there. But sometimes people just want to get away and relax and hang with good friends. Away from the grind, and away from the daily raiding. For that, we are here for them. And hope they come to realize thier alts are welcomed here and they can keep thier mains to themselves. This way they can actually do something else for a change. Or just relax and and have someplace to level an alt they have been working on without bothering thier other guildmates. Have people to chat with outside of thier normal raiding buddies that they spend day in and day out with.

     They could even come here and stay! Because Our primary focus is the members and them having fun. Right now is the hardest times for a guild because no one wants to be members of a guild with such low numbers. However they seem to forget that it takes people joining to make those numbers and it starts with them. In the hopes we see more people soon, I raise a glass of ale. And I welcome all to the doorstep of SoTf.
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