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Do you like the look of this site ? This is just the visuals - not the content. Please add a comment when you vote too - Thanks. Celmive. Winner: "Yes - The Colours and fonts are easy to read" 4 weeks, 3552 days ago
How do you feel about players just having `Traders` and no Active Characters in HEE ? Winner: "They should have an Active Member to stay part of the guild." 4 weeks, 3906 days ago
Do you like the `Roleplaying` aspect of EQ ? (this can have an effect on guild direction) Winner: "Often - its very important and fun !" 4 weeks, 3913 days ago
On what day of the week would you like to see Guild Events happen ? Winner: "Saturday" 4 weeks, 3917 days ago
Would You like to see more `Guild` orientated events (raids/groups/competitions/etc) ? Please post comments too Winner: "Yes - I would like to see this on a regular basis (once a week)" 4 weeks, 3918 days ago
Do you like the new look website ? Please add comments after you vote. Winner: "Yes" 4 weeks, 3932 days ago
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