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Damn I'm good. Sometimes I even impress myself.... Its hard being this good.

- Arathon - Ranger of Tunare
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10/05/04 - Bank Page
12/05/04 - History of Norrath
13/05/04 - New Links
16/05/04 - Guild Info Page
19/10/04 - Added In-Game Roster Dump to `ROSTER`
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Welcome to the HIGH EASTERN ERUDITES Guild page.

We are a friendly, co-operative Everquest Guild based on the Antonius Bayle Server. We are open to all races, levels and classes as we strongly believe that the person behind the character is more important than the character itself. Roleplaying in character is encouraged too but is not a rule. If you would like to know more post a message on the forums and we will answer your questions as best as we can. Take care and hope to see you in Norrath soon.
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537081833_Inactive, Mar 31, 06 2:47 AM.
Recent expansions and changes in Everquest:

Freeport and Queynos have been updated to look like the Everquest 2 cities, with bigger walls and new graphics.
Shaman potions have changed - all or most?  with new ingredients and names and some new effects.  Advance warning was given. Shamans are now discovering new recipes.  I've been told the new system is easier.

Elixirs of clarity can be bought by any player in POK from NPC merchants.

Dragons in Norrath - New zones off Lavastorm, new dragons and goblins, Lavastorm changed, new quests for good and evil.  Those are quite tough instanced zones - take fire resistance for the lava rivers.  Also a guildhall was placed in POK.  Anyone with the Dragons expansion can go into the grand guild lobby and buy a summoning stone to summon all your corpses, from anywhere in the world (12pp under level 20, 178pp level 55, but varies by your undressed charisma !)

DarkHollow:  Underground caverns with nasty beasties.  Updated High Hold Keep and Nektulous forest.  Added zones off them.  Added 'shrouds' so that players can try out any class archetype (fairies like enchanter, pirate like rogue etc).  When shrouded you can temporarily make your LEVEL LOWER by increments of 5 as far as you want; so a level 70 could be 65, 60, 55, 50, etc down to 5.  You need to use basic shroud archetypes to unlock the higher shroud creatures.  XP for level 65-70 in shrouds is reported not that good.  New missions and items that evolve as you use them, final result is usually damage higher than delay with mana regeneration and hp regeneration.

Prophecy of Ro:  Actions of mortals have released a malevolent force into the world.  Desert of Ro changed.  Oasis is now part of North Ro.  7 new zones off Ro.  Some take you back in time to the elven capital Takish-Hiz.  Also features 8 new bank slots and the ability to auto-decline buffs.

If you want the above expansions there is an Everquest Titanium edition out with all except POR.

Also one day someone changed all the guards in POK into werewolves.  Lasted for hours, must have been a GM having a laugh.
Firiona Vie went missing and was rescued. 
Grobb/Gukta was taken back by the trolls but I believe the frogloks have captured it again.

Baby born

537081833_Inactive, Jan 2, 06 5:36 AM.
Once upon a time, someone followed a star...

And lo and behold, a child was born !

Miriam was born on 15 December 2005 weighing 6lb 3oz (2.78kg).  She is healthy & well and so am I.  Though our bundle of joy keeps us busy !

Hugs from Sianu & Celmive

Close Friends

537081833_Inactive, Jul 14, 05 1:17 PM.

Congratulations Hogosta on becoming guild leader : )

Our capable founder has both long and short term plans for the High Eastern Erudites.  In the long term, the guild will become democratic.  However I say his ideas are the best for us to follow in the coming months : )

Hogosta nominated a select team of Close Friends with roles:  Siamese to refresh and trim the guild website and forums, Miffot to organise guild groups & parties, Gellert as recruitment officer and Sianu as banker.

After the three course meal kindly provided by Miffot, we moved on to invade Harbinger's Spire where a nice piece of plate armour dropped.  As Siamese had one, we rolled.  If memory serves me right congratulations Miffot : )  Sianu ported the others out before she went to 'sleep.'  I heard Hogosta mention an open raid starting, so perhaps the adventure went on for some? ...

To all who keep in touch here:  Thank you.


New Arrivals

537081833_Inactive, Jun 26, 05 3:08 AM.
I have some more new guild members to welcome, each in the 40s generation and I hear playing their class very well.  Druidess Kaete joined us a week ago, Mage Yisiktik and Singer Junsha last night - or was it this morning?  Don't ask me when he came to bed : P 

Little Acolyte (Monk) Fencoan took the plunge yesterday too... into the deep waters of High Eastern Erudites. 

I look forward to grouping with you from what I've heard (and I always love manasong : )

May you all live to enjoy it.

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