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This is a work-in-progress, so what you currently see is not the finished product.

In Guild Chat I often here “....where is a good place for a level 15 to level up.....” Well, when its finished this will be the place to look.

This is just a start..... more to come.

Celmive 10:08:04

Quite a few people have asked me about zones/mobs that I suggest for leveling up in. The following is a list of those that I have used on a regular basis. If you think others should be added then please let me know and I can see about adding it on.


Also the difficulty will vary depending on Class and Race. A good place for a High Elf Paladin may not be good for a Dark Elf or Iksar Shadow Knight.


Levels 1 - 4 : Just Starting Out

FIELD OF BONE  – Kill all the scale dogs.

QEYNOS SEWERS – A great zone with the thrill of a dungeon. Also great for good/evil alike. There is a lot of low level stuff living in these sewers, there is a massive exp modifier that has been added here and there is never anyone about to take your kills. So many players miss out on this zone which is so reminiscent of an old computer game called ‘Eye of the Beholder’. If you are a `good` race/class try not to wander in to far though as there is a necro guild that will kill you in 1 second flat, although you wont be too bothered about a corpse recovery at this stage at later levels it will be a pain to recover. Very atmospheric zone.

GREATER FAYDARK - Killing Bats, Wolves and decaying Skeletons at the lifts/city gates and moving on to the Orc camps, (Crushbone belts dropped give great xp in Kaladim and is worth the run.)

BUTCHERBLOCK MOUNTAINS - Killing mobs on the hill directly out of the dwarf city, (The skeletons provide a skeleton bones quest for dwarf faction and a high amount of xp.)

NORTH QEYNOS - Kill near everything around the zone, especially Fippy and his friends as they drop gnoll fangs that can be given into the captain in the warrior guild for great exp and faction, guards are always close by and there are beetle eyes for the castings of certain spells and for use as a light source.

QEYNOS HILLS - Killing the skeletons near the zone to Surefall along with the usual mix of bats and rats for nice xp  (be careful to avoid those near the ruins though until later). Some Gnolls are possible too. (Tip: At times the evil races camping Hadden will pay for food and drink.)


NEKTULOS FOREST – Dark Elf newbie zone. Avoid the undead area till later. Collect beetle eyes for a nice quest in the Necro/SK guild house. Hunt the local wildlife here till 4.

MISTY THICKET - Killing bats, beetles, etc provides xp and guards are all around you. Don’t leave the walled area yet. Occasionally you find higher level people killing guards so you should be able to cadge a few buffs.

TOXXULIA FOREST - Not a popular choice because of the sparseness of mobs, this is probably the worst newbie zone of them all. Use the PoK book to head elsewhere.

FERROOT - The ogre newbie zone, this place if filled with lizards but it is dark and very easy to get lost so keep an eye on the In-game map. Sometimes you can get buffs from people soloing the single specter in the South West of the zone. There is a place straight left from Oggok that is filled with spiderlings which provide silks and nice xp. Avoid the temple area to the south.

PAINEEL – Great zone – Lots of Bats and Skeletons to kill. Very fast pops too so no waiting around. Necros : Save the bone chips. Batwings and Bone Chips are stackable so you can loot loads and make some good money from the stacks by selling them to other players.

Levels 5 - 10 : Moving further a field

FIELD OF BONE – Easy to get to via PoK Stone (Evil side). Kill everything that cons blue in between the fallen pillars and the pits. Be careful of Iksar guards though if your are not of that race.

THE WARRENS – Great place. Simply slaughter everything at the zone line, expect lots of blues and a lot of xp. There are the rare drops of bronze weapons and bamboo splint armor, both great for newer characters AND they look cool (Still use Katana for ‘show’ at social events.

WEST KARANAS - Lions and other animals drop pelts which can be sold for a few coin each, if you get a HQ bear pelt you can get upwards of 20pp for it. Rangers excel here with there tracking ability.


EAST/WEST COMMONLANDS – As with the Karana’s hunt Lions & Bears for pelts. At lvl 9 upwards try the Wisps BUT to hit these you need a Magic Weapon or use Magic DD on them. They drop Lightstones. The Greater Lightstones can be used in a quest or simply sell them to merchants for pp. In West Commons watch for Giants but you also find friendly higher level druids hanging around the Circle who will often slap a few buffs on you.

BLACKBURROW - The Bridge area should provide constant pulls/kills. There is some okayish newbie armour that drops of the Gnolls too.

PALUDIAL CAVERNS - Shadeweavers thicket zone in NOT the Shadowhaven entrance. There are a fair few mobs that can be pulled to zone and the aggro range is quite small too. The zone has a reasonably high xp bonus too.

QEYNOS HILLS – Target Rabid creatures (wolves/bears)Killing rabid wolves. Towards lvl 9 check out the undead at the ruins and the zone in to Blackburrow.

EAST COMMONS - Killing everything that moves outside the tunnel to the Desert of Ro gives a lot of xp and there are various vendors all over the zone which you can sell to.

NORTHERN DESERT OF RO - Kill everything that cons reasonable to you here (Scarabs, Gila Monsters, Undead). Careful of the various Dervish Camps as a pull can result in a lot of adds and your death as some Dervishes are casters. There are various zone lines to run through if you get in trouble and there are vendors scattered about.

MISTY THICKET - On the far side of the wall there are higher level mobs that you can hunt with ease – goblins and undead but also larger bats etc too. Small amounts of loot and the halfling guards near the gate are handy for good races hunting here but  a lot of the time the guards can KS your mob if you are not careful

INNOTHULE SWAMP - Frogloks around Guk can give great exp and can give limited loot – BEWARE: If you intend to spend anytime in Guk - killing any froggies can make aggro very bad so leave any visits to Guk until you are nearer 18ish

Levels 46 – 50

SOL B : NAGAFENS LAIR – Still great xp. Hunt Kobolds and Bats. Go easy for trains which are quite common in zone. If you do create one then /ooc it as many lower levels can be found hunting and pulling to zone lines.

CITY OF MIST – This zone is great because although its classed as a dungeon with the xp multiplier it also allows outdoor spells (sow and harmony etc) to be cast in here! Single pull the entrance and run if you really have to, this place is normally very empty with maybe a single group or raid getting things for epics. They do hit hard here so go careful.

EASTERN WASTES – Hit the Icefang hut and kill anything else that walks near you in the mean time, his spawn time is a bit long so keep your eyes peeled for anything that provides exp.

OCEAN OF TEARS - Hit the sea fury island – mainly the Gornit camp -  they have a lot of HP but hit poorly considering their  level, they drop gems occasionally and upwards of 4pp. Gornit drops plat as a Hill Giant (upto 40pp or there abouts). Avoid the named (Corrupted summons & the Bardic Cyclops mana drains like crazy). 

LOWER GUK – The king room should be full of soloable blues but use Invis or Cloudy Potions to move deep without aggro.

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