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Welcome to Risen!

Risen is a guild for the Online Game Dark Age of Camelot playing on the Guinevere server.

If you have recently joined our guild and need access to the forums, please click the New User at the top of this page, select your username and password, and fill out the questionaire. We will get you full access to the site as soon as we can. After you get access, fill out your Roster information from the top so we have as much information as possible. We encourage everyone to use the forums as much as possible for planning and just general chatting when not in game.

Are you interested in Joining Risen? Here are a few things about who we are and who we are not.

We are...
- a guild of close members that help each other out whenever we can and do things through and with the guild as much as possible.
- all fairly experienced with the game and have several characters within hibernia.
- constantly striving to do have fun and support the guild in whatever needs it has.
- competitive when it comes to RVR. Part of this involves using Ventrillo for voice communications during RVR. We encourage all members to at a minimum, download the program so they can at least listen in if they don't want to talk.
- part of the realm and help when called upon to defend it.

We are not...
- a gank guild or anything of the sorts. While we may run guild groups, it is because we seek to improve on rvr skills with our closest friends.
- a roleplaying guild. While some in the guild do role play, the majority of our chat is OOC.
- a guild made up of lower experienced members. By this we mean that if you have a lower level character, it will be difficult for you to find xp groups within the guild. While they exist here and there, most of us are focused on our main characters.

If you are interested in Risen, please visit the general section of the forums and make a post about your intentions. We'd like to know why you are interested in Risen, your experience level, and what you plan to achieve. We are a close knit guild but are respectful to all in the realm.


*To get up after falling or being thrown down
*To become active in opposition or resistance
*To be built up, or constructed
*To spring up or grow
*To come into existence
*To come into action, as in a storm
*To move from a lower to a  higher position
*To ascend above the horizon, as in a heavenly body
*To attain higher rank, status or importance
*To advance to a higher level of action
*To prove oneself equal to a demand
*To increase in degree, instensity or force

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