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Welcome to The Militia Webpage!  

The Militia is a friendly, established guild with a large group of knowledgeable players. We've been around for awhile and have a reputation as a group of solid players who get things done in a friendly manner. We are more interested in having fun than being uber, but we still run raids and loot regularly.

The best way to join is to find a Milita member (not hard, there's almost always at least one of us online) and run some quests with them. If you have fun, play smart and are generably sociable, you just might be a perfect fit!  Your main Militia contact will be your sponsor and they will need to send a request to an officer to get an invite.

Tidbits and Such
Militia Brothers and Sisters-

We have several features on this site that everyone should be taking advantage of. The more you use this site the more in the Militia groove you will be. Please try to participate by replying to different postings and sharing your opinions with your guild brothers and sisters.

The Guild Bank is no longer an independent resource as it has been in the past. Rather than have one person manage guild items, members are encouraged to post items they'd care guildies to have as well as items they are looking for in the forums section titled the Market Place.

The Guild Calendar is where you will find scheduled guild events and raids. Be sure to check this often and sign up! Remember you can sign up different chars and even leave comments as to which you would prefer to bring.

Finally we have the Forums, the primary means of communicating when we aren't able to be in game. If there is a quest you need a hand with, or an item that will complete your latest build, this is the place to post it. Check the Forums for amusing links, up coming changes to the game, or Guild related issues.

Guild News

TOD Boot Flagging - Sign up now!

Gannot, Apr 28, 11 11:41 AM.
It is far past the time when we should be running TOD.  Read my forums post and then sign up to get boots today!

Febuary Badge goal announced....

Siluss Shatterstone, Feb 3, 11 6:51 PM.
Febuary's badge will be for a 6-man Hound of Xoriat completion.

golden badges await those who can complete this goal before the end of the month. And remember, tho January has passed, you can still get a Silver badge for completing the 6-man Shroud.

So, get to work ya'll
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aaa EXPLOIT (4)
  Death Pact and the Shroud
  Image uploaded by skylld
  Image uploaded by zyryz
  Von 3 - Epic Elite

char (4)
  All on are in one quest

DDO Screenshots (19)
  2 Shadowswords
  6man hound
  Abbot 5
  Beware the Dread Pirate Gonnet!
  Gunnet contemplates his treasure
  Is this Dino?
  Is this Dino? 2
  Just wow!
  Naked TS Raid
  Unknownchi 605 hp
  Uploaded by Hamlin24
  Uploaded by Hamlin24
  Uploaded by Hamlin24
  Uploaded by Hamlin24

Dieno's Pics (31)
  abishi cookie bonus
  all WF VoD run 1
  all WF VoD run 2
  big tent event
  Bumblbee's 75 ac
  cerelean hills
  first time in Abbot
  got an icy rainment and this is what i got for it
  Halloween event
  Image uploaded by houxer
  In memory of Gary Gygax
  look!!! a real GM
  Spectral Dragon
  Spectral Dragon
  Spectral Dragon
  Spectral Dragon
  the Vale
  Uploaded by houxer
  Uploaded by houxer
  Uploaded by houxer
  Uploaded by houxer
  Uploaded by houxer
  Uploaded by houxer
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  Uploaded by houxer

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Rake's Pic's (19)
  Another Raid
  Blue Dragon
  Death await us :D
  Far Waterfall
  Guild Raid
  Hangin' Out
  Long Fall
  More hanging around
  Rake just enjoying the view in house K
  Rake kills the dragon
  Rake. :D
  Raza is ready to die!
  Shake it
  The Hills
  The Ruins

Siluss's Unique Stuff (11)
  Dragon Touched Armor
  Green Steel Cloak
  Green Steel Goggles
  Green Steel Greatsword
  Green Steel Helm
  Green steel Rapier
  Green Steel Scimitar
  Jargudal's Collar
  Levik's Bracers
  Levik's Defender Shield
  Spectral Gloves

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