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Bleeding Wolf Clan - Twisting Nether
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The Clan has moved!
Feb 24, 09 8:23 AM
BLAR Story Part 1
Jun 26, 07 3:34 AM
Lights! Camera! BLAR!
Jun 21, 07 10:42 PM
A new moon is upon the Wolves...
Jun 18, 07 4:18 PM
Jun 15, 07 1:35 PM


The Bleeding Wolf Clan

Welcome to the Bleeding Wolf Clan. Led by Warchief Dhar, son of Darthek! Here you can learn all you need to know of our Clan's history, of bloody battles of old, and of Heros the Clan has seen over the years. Let the drums of war echo across the land, and the blood howl once again sound.

Bleed for Honor! Bleed for Glory! Bleed for the Clan!

Other Guild News

The Clan has moved!

Kaelthyn, Feb 24, 09 8:23 AM.
As of Feb 20th, the Bleeding Wolf Clan is once again active. However this time we fight for the horde on the realm Twisting Nether. Taking command of the Clan is Kel'grim, son of Dar'thek. The move is complete, now we are recruiting again. So far we've had a good response, and the RP on the realm is alive. So its time to do our part and grow as we go.

So welcome to all of you new members, and enjoy your stay!

BLAR Story Part 1

Kaelthyn, Jun 26, 07 3:34 AM.;7894396;/fileinfo.html

Enjoy, the movie was done in a silent film style. Hope  you all like it!

Lights! Camera! BLAR!

Kaelthyn, Jun 21, 07 10:42 PM.
The Wolves are going Hollywood style! I, Kaelthyn, have begun production of a movie in which the Star is our very own Blar. He is also co-writing/directing/producing the film with me. We have had a night alright in which we did quite a bit of filming, and used afew from the clan to be a part of it. However more will be needed.

So I am giving you all a heads up, I need extras! and even stars! The movie begins with blar leaving home to make his own way in Azeroth, and any who have spent even afew minutes with Blar will know how great this story will be. Our fun, caring, happy, gulibull orc will send you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

I hope you will all do what you can to help. All that would like apart send me a in game letter (thats to kaelthyn) and I'll be posting on the site when I'll need people.

For the rest of you, see you at the movies!

A new moon is upon the Wolves...

Kaelthyn, Jun 18, 07 4:18 PM.
Recently our Clan has been through much, and yet we still remain strong. To continue growth we have been making plans on how to better the Clan. Below I will list just acouple of these ideas, and remember that we are always open to any imput or suggestions from those of our Clan. This is your home too, and we want you to feel like you're a part of it always.

-Ranks right now are very simplistic, we plan on making it much more interactive and give everyone a feeling of progression.

-Meetings will be held regularly by the Clan, even if it is only a quick 5 min meeting where we say, "everythings is great, rar! lets raid something!". Meetings are important as it brings us all together and you get to see those that represent the Clan in person

-Events will be held more often as well, such as the making of a Clan video, or a scavanger hunt.

So keep up to date as best you can, talk with your class officers about any issues you may have. Bleed for the Clan!


538597368_Inactive, Jun 15, 07 1:35 PM.
Due to some... "technical difficulties," the forums, images, and other items were deleted. Thing's are back up, and will be improved on better than before. If you have any suggestions, always leave back a comment or ten.
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