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Roving Threat Round-Up - Evendim/Forochel
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Sauronsbeagle (Member) 5/30/2009 6:50 PM EST : Aegthil
Posts: 4624

Aegthil, by Aegthil Steelwhisper


The order hit like a whiplash. It was hours since they started training and it was starting to ache. Sweat dropped in the eyes making them burn. The air was thick as jelly.

"I said again!"

The arrow flew and hit the target. Not in the center tho.

"Do you call that a shot?"

"After a whole day training with no rest I'd rather call it a good shot!"

"What?" Ice cold eyes stared at him "Do you think you could rest while hunting or in battle? Do you think that if you don't strike true, you would be given another chance? Do you think that?"

"No, not that. But this is training..."

"Nonsense! Aegthil, nonsense... Training is meant to be hard so that the real thing will look like a walk in the woods! Have you ever considered that your true targets won't stay still? And that some of them will even try to shoot or hack at you?"

Aegthil felt the blood rush to his face making him blush in shame.

"No, i didn't."

"Ah! I thought so" the words came like a spit in the face "That's why I say again! And again! And again! And you obey! Obey!"

There was a small pause.

"Unless you don't want to quit and go back home."

Aegthil focused back on the target, nocking another arrow he raised his bow.

The arrow flew and hit the target. Not the center tho.

"What is most important for you to understand is this. Although you do know how to shoot an arrow, your body hasn't learnt yet. And it will learn only by overtiring itself. Your arms must move of their own will, without you thinking. That will be the difference between living and dying..." 


The scream could have been loud but it died in a gurgle as blood was puked. An elven arrow piercing through the orc's neck.

"I do understand now, father."

He nocked an arrow. "Again!" resounded in his mind.

The arrow flew and hit the target.



Sauronsbeagle (Member) 5/30/2009 6:51 PM EST : RE: Aegthil
Posts: 4624

Mirkwood was dusky as it's always been. The foliage above so thick to screen off sunlight. But to the keen eyes of an elf it was enough to get a clear idea of the surrounding habitat.

"Aegthil" a soft whisper, almost impossible to hear "Do you still have the trail?"

A quick gesture, followed by another. Yes I have, now pay attention they meant.

Aegthil had lived out there for so much time he had almost forgot when he had started living in the woods. Almost alone. Only a couple elves paid him visit from time to time.

Another quick signal and the group hid amidst the foliage and the undergrowth. The signal of the Elf scouts marked in his mind by the endless hours of training with his father. The long days when he didn't speak a single word. Everything was a sign. And for every misunderstanding a slap followed.

Spread out and stay quiet. Another quick sign to his fellows.

Like a rat he skulked forward to get a better glimpse of what was near, even if by the tracks on the ground he knew what he was closing to. The acre smell of burning wood reached his nostrils and the sound of voices his ears.

"Either these people are clueless or very sure of themselves" he thougth to himself. "How many slaps would my father give them for their mistakes?" He smiled but quickly focused again on the scouting at hand.

With a corner of his eye he snatched a glimpse of one of his fellows trying to get closer from another angle. More or less clueless, or so sure of himself, as the people he was scouting on.

Luckily for them both the camp was so busy minding itself that no one noticed the nosy elf.

Getting back to the scouting party, Aegthil relaxed. "Humans, probably out for some lumber, they won't get any deeper in the wood I think. Let's just leave someone behind to keep an eye on them should they get too bold."

Then calmly he walked towards the nosy elf he spotted before disobeying the order to stand still and wait for him to come back. He was a young one, probably at his first errand.

Seeing Aegthil getting closer the young elf turned his attention from his bow to him, and noticing a glove being removed he prepared himself. "If he is like his father my face is gonna ache tonight..."

The hand that was raised landed gently on his shoulder. "May I sit here with you, my curious friend?" The young elf gasped betraying his surprise. "Oh, don't worry. I am not my father."

Sitting beside him Aegthil told the elf what was wrong and what right in his scouting today. Pointed out mistakes and underlined things done well, telling him why and why not. The next day when the sun rose, the scouting resumed. Aegthil knew that he could confide in a new trusty companion that day.


Sauronsbeagle (Member) 5/30/2009 6:52 PM EST : RE: Aegthil
Posts: 4624

Another lunge.

Minding his footing, body position and timing of the attack.

The opponent took a step to the side cutting just below his wrist and, spinning, opened a deep gash in his belly.

That must have been painful. But he did not loose his spirit. Turning around he raised his swords to bring them down on his rival. A swordpoint in front of his nose told him that it was a bad idea. As he stepped back he felt a shoulder impacting his stomach. A pommel hit his liver forcing his sight to fade to black and his knees to bend.

Cursing he tried to stand up but the feel of steel on his neck stopped him. He let go and sit on the ground.

"Don't take it to harshly Aegthil" Rosion smiled "After all your weapon is the bow"

"Curses, my friend!" Aegthil smiled back "Shouldn't these be training swords my blood would soak the ground! I can't believe you've become so good in such a short time."

"The trainers say I am a natural talent" The smile betrayed a bit of pride that Rosion tried to wipe away.

"Don't worry comrade, I do understand you. You train so hard it is scary watching you sometimes."


"You remind me of someone I have learnt to avoid..."

A questioning expression climbed his way to Rosion's face. "..."

The laugh come as honest as he could "Don't worry we will be friends for a long time!"

Rosion sighed in relief "Who would show me shortcuts through the woods should you avoid me?"

They both laughed and resumed training.


A few hours later both agreed that Aegthil had better keep up training with the bow...


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