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Sep 6, 15 9:00 AM EST
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Sauronsbeagle (Member) 10/8/2011 8:38 PM EST : Tourmalyn
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Tourmalyn by Amrea


"The morning the rooster didn't get to shine"


A quiet sunday morning in the shire.... The sun just coming up over the hills.... A rooster stretches his neck to awaken the small village...

"No, no NO! You fool!!! You shouldn't do it like that!"
"hmpf grumble"
A loud crack and the stage collapsed
Tourmalyn sighed. "Don't make me say; I told you so."
"Hush, Tourmalyn."
"Why do I always have to hush when I am right? I was right all allong!"
Tourmalyn stood, her hands on her hips, looking at her older brother.
"Yes you were right, as you are always right... " her brother grumbled. "That's why our youngest sis gets married and you probably never will."

That morning Tourmalyn and her brothers had woken up early start the build of the stage for her sisters wedding. Initially her parents had wanted Tourmalyn to help in the kitchen with all the cooking that had to be done, but her aunt couldn't handle Tourmalyn's impatient nature anymore. Tourmalyn overheard her aunt say to mother: "No good will ever come of that girl. To selfsufficient and too overconfindent."

The words rang in Tourmalyn's ears over and over.

Later that afternoon....

Tourmalyns' sister and her new husband were sitting on the head of the large feasting table. The wedding went smooth except for a rooster coming for his revenge.... The poor animal had gone completely berserk after being ripped off his moment to shine. It had destroyed 2 of the flowerarrangements and had stolen a ribbon from the brides' hair.

Tourmalyn looked at the couple and thought about the concept of marriage. Her two older brothers were maried, now her kid sister was too, her youngest brother was very much in love with a lass from a nearby village. offcourse some men had shown interest, but the interest always cooled quite fast when they learned about Tourmalyn's ... adventurous nature.
Tourmalyn looked at the sun going down behind the hills and saw a star starting to shine brightly... she stared at it for a while .... a bit longer.... and she made a decision.

That night, Tourmalyn packed a bag, walked over to her parents who were getting ready to go to bed and said: "I'm going now" Mother answered: "Wouldn't you wait till morning?" No mom, I won't. " Father spoke: "Well alright then, I'll walk you to the gate."
Tourmalyn kissed her mother goodbye and walked out after her dad.

"We always knew you would leave some day soon, you are too much like your auntie Bess. Don't you dare forget where your home is young lady, we'll always have a bed ready for you."
Tourmalyn nodded "Thank you Dad, I will come back when I seen everything, there can't be that much interesting outside the borders of the shire." She gave her dad a kiss and dissapeared in the darkness. "She'll be fine, just fine.... " her father mumbled softly.


Sauronsbeagle (Member) 10/8/2011 8:39 PM EST : RE: Tourmalyn
Posts: 4624

Boots for a Burglar


"ieuw ieuw ieuw!" muttered Tourmalyn, while she sat on a rock trying to get the sticky stuff from between her toes.

She had just woken up, finding her campfire almost gone. She quickly grabbed some dry leaves to get it going again and ran to the fire. Halfway there she felt a cold, wet and squishy .... something crawl between her toes... she looked down and saw the goo she had stepped in... A slug... yikes! All of a sudden the boots mankind wore seemed very logical to her.
"Well, I seem to get closer to Bree, and I think I need to get me some boots there." She muttered to herself.

Having stirred the fire up, she went back to her bedroll and tried to get some sleep again. She must have fallen asleep at a certain point, because when she woke there was a dark haired elf sitting at her fireplace... the elf seemed to be sowing... That was a weird sight, and elf... sowing... at her campfire.

The elf spoke in a soft voice, sounding a bit raw, as if she didn't use her voice that much. "My name is Amrea, Tourmalyn."
Tourmalyn was a bit stunned by that.. the elf lady had known her name. "Hello Amrea, What are you doing?" she asked.
"I am travelling to the Halls of my kin, The Silver Blades, and I hoped you didn't mind that I made use of your fire for a while. I will trade you these boots for it." Amrea held up the boots she was sowing.
Only then spotted Tourmalyn the rabbit cooking over the fire. In a reflex she rubbed her belly and felt hungry as she smelled the herbs. "yes... yes... But only if I can have a bite of your breakfast too" Tourmalyn said
The elf nodded a single time. Tourmalyn couldn't help that the elf seemed somewhat rude, unlike the stories she had heard about elves. Then for a brief moment Tourmalyn met Amrea's eyes and saw the sorrow and pain of loss in those eyes.

Amrea held out the boots to Tourmalyn as if to ask if she would fit them. Tourmalyn took the boots and put them on. They fitted perfectly, this elf had made clothes for hobbits before.

Amrea took the rabit from the fire and gave most of it to Tourmalyn. "hmmmm" mumbled Tourmalyn while eating. "for an elf, you're a pretty good cook!"
"Have you met many elves?"
"Nope, you are the first."
"You will see more around Bree, you be carefull there, there's a lot of people there that mean harm."
"I can handle them."
"I am sure you can, but if you are lonely.. Go to this adress, They are friendly, helpfull people.."
Tourmalyn took the piece of paper Amrea held out to her.
"There's a meeting at december 29, I won't be there, but there will be friends."
Tourmalyn nodded, and put the paper into her backpack. "I might... "

When Tourmalyn looked up after putting the piece of paper in her bag, the elf was gone, leaving Tourmalyn with an adress and a new pair of boots.


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