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Malevolent is Gone
Dec 19, 04 8:08 AM
Guild Uniforms and Guild Updates
Jun 6, 04 5:03 PM
Website Goes Live!
Jun 3, 04 9:17 PM
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Malevolent is a rapidly developing guild situated deep in the deserts of Tatooine in the magnificent city of Twilight Citadel.  We are dedicated to the protection and upholding of the Empire and all its entities.  We stand firm on the belief that all Rebels have no place in this great galaxy and it is our commission to devastate them.  We are also committed to providing assistance for each other to further enhance the effectiveness of the guild.

If you would like to be interviewed for membership, please contact Rayn, Blair, or Siloh in-game and they will arrange a time to meet with you.

Etevea Anac


Malevolent is Gone

Deleted User, Dec 19, 04 8:08 AM.

Malevolent no longer exists and I'm making sure no one actually still uses this website before I change it to the new guild BH (The Bounty Hunters Guild). If I don't do that then I will just delete the guild website, sorry Malevolent fell apart guys but please join BH I'm the founder and 2nd in command and it is very cool.


Guild Picture.

, Jun 7, 04 8:39 AM.
As you may have noticed, there was a guild photo taken at the Gala. However it only shows about half of our guild. I would like to get a full shot of the guild as soon as possible. I can do a bit of photoshop work and make a really cool logo/picture out of it. I will be working on scheduling a guild photo, and you will be told in advance to prevent scheduling conflicts.

Archmagister Rayn

Guild Uniforms and Guild Updates

Deleted User, Jun 6, 04 5:03 PM.
Hey there everyone!! Just wanted to give a little update here on the site.  I encourage everyone to please sign up on the site so we can really put it to use!!

Also, guild uniforms are also availible now in the guild hall.  You can purchase them for 1 credit per item from the Guild Uniform Vendor.  So please be sure to pick one up as soon as you can!!


Website Goes Live!

Deleted User, Jun 3, 04 9:17 PM.

Today our website has gone live on guildportal.  There will be much added soon :)

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