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Jun 6, 10 11:20 PM
Turbine bought by WB
Apr 21, 10 11:06 AM
Carn Dum Battle!!
Aug 27, 08 12:37 PM
Book 1 run scheduled for Dec 8th at 5pm est
Dec 3, 07 8:16 AM
Book 5 chapter 5 and 8
Nov 5, 07 8:38 PM
Welcome to Brothor Feolaga
(Brotherhood of Fellows)

Brothor Feolaga is the combined efforts of 3 kinships that joined into one for our LotRO adventures.  We are a cumulation of HERO (Honorary Elite Regimental Order) from the Ahazi server in SWG as well as Sodalitas from the Mistmoore server of EQ2 and The Circle of Namskar, a multi-game kinship. Our main purpose is to have fun and help each other.  We hope to make many new friends along the way.  We can be found on the Gladden server of LotRO.  =)

We believe a kinship should be based on friendship.   That we are all equals sharing a journey together.  That is exactly what Brothor Feolaga means...
Brothor - one related to another by common ties or interests
Feolaga - equal in rank, power, or character
So our name embodies the spirit of our kinship and we will always strive to live up to it.

To join the Forums:
Step 1:Please register with guild portals (using your game name if possible)

Step 2: Log into your GP account and at the top of our home page select “Join Brothor Feolaga"

Step 3: Go to the Roster Tab ... and select “Update my Characters“ at the bottom of the screen

Step 4: Play on forums (Post a bit about yourself in the Tavern so we can all get to know you ... even if this sounds scary.)



GronktheSmasher, Jun 6, 10 11:20 PM.
Important information regarding the future of LOTRO has been posted. A must read if you intend to play this game from this point on.

Turbine bought by WB

GronktheSmasher, Apr 21, 10 11:06 AM.
Unexpected news about the future of Turbine check forum post for details

Carn Dum Battle!!

GronktheSmasher, Aug 27, 08 12:37 PM.
Swords will clash and shield will smash!! Brothor Feolaga has been called upon to take up arms against the armies of Angmar!

First of three big instance hunts to acquire the items for bartering Angmar armor. We can run each instance as many times as it will take to get everyone the items they want.

Book 1 run scheduled for Dec 8th at 5pm est

Drakoll, Dec 3, 07 8:16 AM.
The book 1 run has been rescheduled for Dec 8th at 5pm est. We will be meeting at the Prancing Pony. Anyone with characters needing book 1 are encouraged to attend.

Book 5 chapter 5 and 8

Drakoll, Nov 5, 07 8:38 PM.
We will be running Book 5 chapters 5 and 8 on Nov 17. If you need these please show up, and depending on attendance, we may need up to a few others to come along and help out.
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