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Welcome To Extreme Annihilation

We are a 8+ year old guild on the bertox server.
We currently Raid Thurs/Sat nights at 8:00 pm EST
At this time raids are not mandatory. We use the DKP system for loot.
We curently are raiding MPG Trials for CoA Access

SEE Pics of the 2007 Fan Faire in Las Vegas on cliick the EA link

Current News


CyberTex, Aug 10, 06 10:02 AM.
OK lets see if anyone still comes here I am opening a thread for you to post and say I was here. We might get the guild back together lets see. 11-15-2008

FABLED POP See my post in chat area of forums.

On Saturday 01-05-2008 EA completes 2 of the 6 MPG raid trials needed for CoA. Great work gang 1/3 of the way there. Work on those Signets!

On Saturday 12-30-2007 EA Kicked Time very hard with 15 players, we made it all the way to tier 3 and finished it before calling it a long night. We flagged some more along the way. Also great work on the DoN Fanning the Flames. Look forward to Anguish in 2008.

On Saturday 09-29-07 EA Flags 5 more for the Plane of Time. Congrats to Sanoma, Delsaloan, Helex, Firestrikeer, and Barefist. Well it appears we are back into full swing of raiding again. Way to go nicely done folks.

On Saturday Night 09-22-2007 Myfod (Cleric) and Devilzilla (Beastlord) complete their 1.5's Way to go EA great work on both battles.

On Saturday 11/25/2006 EA flags 7 more and some more nice upgrades. Grats to Nocolitsia, Elfenbladez, Kroakerr, Kordolger, Jedani, Fierytinke, and Forestone. Also grats on tier 5 God kills. Alot of nice upgrades to those that attended. KEEP up the good work Gang.

On Saturday 11/18/2006 EA flags 7 more and a few nice upgrades. Grats to Kearch, Ewill, Coven, Dredster, Lovedria, Freefrog, and Frizog.

On Saturday 11/4/2006 EA flags 9 more and upgrades a few from tier 4 Grats to Cragor, Burnu, Trogar, Devilzilla, Discorde, Sennwin, Urru, Tuyen, and Direwolfe. Awesome work Team lets finish of the last few non flaged next week.

On Saturday 10/23/2006 EA flags 7 more and a few more upgrades. Grats to Myfod, Luciana, Beleby, Shaolik, Firbug, Ganthan, and Faithe. Another awesome job EA.

On Friday 10/13/2006 EA completes tiers 1 , 2 , 3 , and 3/4 of 4. We got 8 newly flagged members and alot of new upgrades. Congrats go out to Hubbahubba, Zeleus, Tibrith, Saetten, Kinza, Xannussus, Desolit, Leeroy, and 1 rot.

On Friday 10/6/2006 21 EA beat PoTime tier 1 , 2 , and 3. We received 9 newly flagged PoTime to our family. LOL alot of nice loot ended up rotting but congrats to the folks that did receive upgrades and keys. This runs keys went to Misymes, Kinkelly, Nildiin, Ristpuncherx, Croweye, Donkeey, Toggak, Cybermaster, Pratorius, and 2 rots.

On Friday Sept 15th 2006 EA beats Ikkinz 2, We got 7 nice drops and did it with only 20 guildies. Congrats to Misymes on Murky Plated Mindstone, Nocolitsia and Shootum on Darkslint Blades, Zarev and Tolrin on Jagged Onyx Staffs, Mammerell on Shale Shoulder Pads, and Myfod on Jointed Scale Greaves.
What a way to finish the last week of raids until the raid force is level 75. Good luck on the leveling and the return of raids in a couple of weeks. Keep up the great work and Grats to the winners of such nice items.

Wow at the last EQ fan faire our very own Desolit won the EQ best of the best. Beating out players from the top guilds to place second over all. Way to show off those skills Desolit. And to make EA proud.
Click on the link here for a picture!
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