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Acolytes of Valor Has a New Address!

System, Jul 30, 13 6:11 PM.
Acolytes of Valor has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!


RosebelleEQ2, Jul 5, 13 6:26 AM.
Hello my friends

I have created a new sister site on Guildportal in preparation for the launch of EverQuestNext. Its not set in stone that we should use Guildportal as a host for the upcoming game but it is a start where we can collect information about the new game and where we can discuss it. We can decide later if we want to move to another host. I have named our new guild to Acolytes of Valor  and it can be found here. I hope you all come and join us in this new game and website. Right now the new website is almost empty but I hope that will change soon, that we all make this useful to one another. 


Happy Frostfell ya all =)

RosebelleEQ2, Dec 23, 11 12:25 AM.

New Leader

RosebelleEQ2, Oct 24, 11 9:47 AM.
Our dear Nibia have decided to resign from leadership due to health issues. We thank her for her great work here in AoV and continued work, but with no responsibilitys that leadership means.

Yesterday we announced a new leader, that we all agreed to, and it is Maltaros. We welcome him to his new rank and he well deserved it for his dedicated work here with us in AoV.

Good Luck both of you, Nibs and Malt 


Power outage

shieldscale, Sep 9, 11 1:03 AM.
there was an accident in Arizona that caused a major power outage.  along with some cities in Az, San Diego is without power.  This very much affects SOE.  at this time, there is no estimate of how soon repairs can be completed.  thousands of homes in AZ, southern California, and parts of northern Mexico are without power.

nibs and bare

DoV Faction Questing Info

shieldscale, Jul 8, 11 1:40 PM.

DoV Faction Questing Info

DoV is reached by going to Sinking Sands, and on the bridge , when u arrive, there are three Othmirs. Speak to the center on who will then send u to DoV.

In general, do all the regular quests for each of the areas as you progress through DoV. The areas are Icy Fingers, Great Divide (GD), and Easter Wastes (EW). As u do the regular quests, u will be rewarded with some armor pieces, which u may or may not be improvements to what u already have. Doing the regular quests will then allow u to do the faction quests.

In each of the areas, u will see Relic Seekers, Quartermasters, and Armor smiths. As u see the Quartermasters, i suggest that u write down any of the FABLED items that will work for your toon when u have enough faction. Below u will find each area and the daily faction quest givers along with some suggestions. Also below, I will explain the use of the Cloudy Velium Jewels which u will earn for some quests to help build your faction.


ICY FINGERS Othmirs - Narp, and Runt there is also a quest given by a crab (sometimes) which adds more faction. There is a Relic Seeker here for the Othmirs and not in EW though the best Quartermaster is in EW for the Othmir FABLED items.

Snowfang Gnolls Bitter and Raawl The only area for the gnoll faction with their Relic Seeker and Quartermaster to the left of Bitter. (check for FABLED) (suggest that u select shadowbeasts, because faster. The dervishes are fun though)

GREAT DIVIDE and THURGADIN Do regular quests from Thurgadin City as well as the GD area. If u have a high crafter, do the regular quests from the City Tradeskill area for their faction.

GD - Public Quests pq's Ring Wars (RW) Storm Gorge (SG) these alternate on the hour.* These quests award Cloudy Velium Jewels (one each day from each area). Use these Jewels to purchase faction from any of the Relic Seekers.

The GD Relic Seeker and Quartermaster are located on the Thurgadin dock West of the Griffin dock.

Tradeskill daily for Thurgatin City Iron Forge Mikk Eishammer


Othmirs – in Nipik - Kliplap, Fiyt, and Minus (suggest doing Minus first as the others require one to fly out of Nibik. Also suggest doing Kliplap second (barrels) as then u can fly to Kail where i suggest doing the pervasers for Fiyt. Delete until persavers come up.)

The best Othmir Quartermaster is located in Nipik just North of Fiyt. (no relic seeker here)

After doing the regular quests for the Othmirs, u can get a quest from Livi (by the big shell) to earn a portal direct (to/from) icy fingers. Very handy.

Ry' Gorr Blor Greatbuster (suggest to delete quests until u get the Baslilists who are north). Then have coice of Swoy Bloodylusk or Evgra Bonecracker (suggest the first as easier to do time wise).

In the Keep, u will find regular quests as well as the Relic Seeker and Quartermaster. Also there is an Armor Smith who offers much better armor when u get so u are collecting the shards that are required. These come from instances (along with armor, etc.), raids, etc.

* I have found that if i want into GD 1, from another zone in Norrath, i should try any time between 20 after the hour to 40 after the hour. This idea assumes that there are a lot of folks trying to get there. The other way is to see if a fellow guildie is there, and request grouping. However, they may be in a raid, and not be able to comply. If u are able to group, u can then transfer to their zone in the usual way.

Solo Shard Quest Bas Darkfrost located up from the docks to City level to SW arch, then up the ramp, and go to the right. Good “How to” info on Zam called Cokldain daily solo mission quest series.


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