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The Rise of Quickfixx
Nov 26, 07 11:55 AM
Slaying the Undead
Nov 3, 07 10:47 AM
Epic Updates!
Oct 26, 07 9:06 AM
Quickfixx and his Staff of the Serpent
Aug 12, 06 2:02 PM
Jan 26, 06 9:02 AM
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The Rise of Quickfixx

Lorendahl, Nov 26, 07 11:55 AM.
After learning yet more about the game and solidly locking down both friends and allies, the Officers and I have agreed that Quickfixx would be (and is) a great addition to the Officer ranks.

Please join me in congratulating him. =)

Slaying the Undead

Lorendahl, Nov 3, 07 10:47 AM.
Another congratulations goes out to Modok for gettin ghis 1.5 Epic: Redemption!  Now let's see how well those Slay Undead AA work...  He's also on the fast track to try and get his 2.0 before anyone else gets their 1.5.  We'll see about that!

Epic Updates!

Lorendahl, Oct 26, 07 9:06 AM.
Much belated Epic Congrats need to go out.

First and foremost, congratulations to Quickfixx Mydix for his Epic 2.0.  Long anticipated as probably being the 1st 2.0 in guild, it was finalized one evening with the ample help of Legion of Valor.  Much thanks to them for their help.

Congrations again to Wispt, for her 1.5 being completed, her Staff of Living Brambles.  After being the first in line to be ready for her epic, it was sadly sidelined for such a long period as sorely overdue.  I'm glad we finished it! (2.0 to come).

And of course to myself... Ah Lorendahl you clever little Ranger saving the best for last.  1.5 completed with help from friends, and maybe a 2.0 when we're done with a few other epics. =). Of course Loren failed to mention my big honkin sword also.

Quickfixx and his Staff of the Serpent

Dananon, Aug 12, 06 2:02 PM.
Well, Quick finaly got it! And it was not soon enough, for he has been drooling over the parts for ages now.  I feel sorry for the sapps who had to handle that thing when he had his parts added to it, especially the lady who sets the gems in... All that slobber.
Well, we have yet another Snake in the guild, and it is all the better for it!  Grats Quick on your epic, now chop chop to the next one. =) 


Lorendahl, Jan 26, 06 9:02 AM.
Special thanks and congratulations to Anaina and Kenzana for accepting the position of Officers.  Anaina brings with her a long history of harassing everyone, as to make herself well known.  Kenzana brings in-game knowledge that has proved invaluable on many occasions.  And like so many in guild, both have given up personal gain to help others achieve their goals.
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