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Forums : The Embassy > Another sneak peak.
Asverze (Member) 4/13/2012 3:55 AM EST : Another sneak peak.
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Here another little live sign of me.  Still doing fine out there?

Did the vanguard as guild downed the big dragon already  ones(or even more then ones)?  I’ve downed several of those big fellows already on my own……, in another realm though .

I’ve found myself a nice blog for Skyrim but although it’s fun to read and to comment every now and then, I did (do) like this board more, probably because it’s more an US blog and the VoV board is pure European.

Guess you guys know  (and maybe seen already) the HBO serie “Game of Thrones”. I’d seen several trailers and parts already and it seemed to be a very good serie to me, also because I like sword and sandal stuff.  It’s on digital television and behind a decoder overhere only though. A few weeks ago my lovely son has downloaded the first serie (the one with Boro.., ermm Sean Bean) and I’ve seen the first parts already. I ready love it, the story, the setting, the environment.  It has a strong Skyrim like atmosphere, or visa versa. Only the sometimes woman unfriendly sex scenes spoils it a bit from time to time.


I hope you don’t mind my post is more Skyrim  than  WoW related.



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Oastro (Council) 4/13/2012 4:36 AM EST : RE: Another sneak peak.
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Hi Asverze! Nice that you peek in every now and then.

I haven't tried Skyrim, and I'm not sure if I want to either, though dragonkilling sounds nice. I think Deathwing is still alive here.
I like Game of Thrones too, both the series and the books. I like the characters and their interactions, and the way I can have sympathy with almost every character, from the goodiegoodies to the worst of the worst.

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