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Forums : The Embassy > Greeting from Bronzebeard!
Selta (SuperAdmin) 12/21/2010 4:40 AM EST : RE: Greeting from Bronzebeard!
GP User: Saranini
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Cogni stood in Deepholm as she watched the figure disappear in the mist. Her arm felt strained from waving but she didn't dare put it down, if she did, he might really be gone...

Slashcat tugged on her sleeve and the gnome turned looking up at her wide-eyed.

'We best be off Cogni, I'm sure you'll see him again one day, and you always go on about how fine a gnome Garragard is, let's see if he wants to go to the tavern with you when we get back to the keep.'

'Him, and Gnomaron?'
Hopeful she awaited the Grand Marshal's reply, which consisted of just a deep sigh, all the answer Cogni needed, she turned her back to Slashcat, and burst into song.

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gnomaron (Applicant) 12/21/2010 10:52 AM EST : RE: Greeting from Bronzebeard!

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With a heavy heart, Gnomaron looked at the fine people standing in front of him, knowing that when he did take his leave, that chances of seeing them again were left to the Gods to decide.

He sighed, thinking back to the wonderful hours spent being stuck on a pillar, running away from crocs whiles having gentle yet determined folks try to peel them off him, watching in delight and excitment as his Well of Life was consumed by those who needed it most. He remembered thinking 'A screaming sheep, how delightful!' as he noticed the looks on the beautiful magi's face towards the ever loving trigger happy warlock. He relished the times he saved his new pointy-eared friend from an un-noticing fire patch on the ground and the many exciting sprints from his dwarven brother as he shielded his soul. Ah yes, these times would be missed.

Gnomaron turned away, and with a tear slowly trickling down the side of his googles, we walked away into the mist. He could swear he saw a wave of a hand, but by the time he turned around to see who it was, they were no longer there.

Gnomaron sat on the bench besides the great mage tower in Stormwind. He wondered when next he might see his new friends. His heart yearned for the comaradrie, for the laughs, for the loving ale that was shared between them. Then he had an idea.....

'Darn nabbit! I'm an engineer!' he shouted out loud as he swiped out the remote he had in his pocket. He pushed the red button and in an instant a flying chopper unfolded on the lawn in front of him. He stepped in, fired up the engine and flew towards the dwarven district........

Bullgrimm (Member) 12/22/2010 1:51 AM EST : RE: Greeting from Bronzebeard!

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Cupone felt empty after the great gnome had left the party. "What an adventure!" jittery and a little bit tipsy warlock thought. Young warlocks heart was forever scarred and not even accidental burning of his favourite drinking-hat in last summer did not cause this much pain.

Drinking the last remaining drops of his ale and wine, Cupone unfolded his carpet, muttered few words and took off. Overhelming feeling of loss quickly took over him as he flied towards Stormwind.

"Gnomaron..." he whimpered in very small voice.

Suddenly Cupone saw a familiar figure between trees. The thing was white as a snow and had foolisly came to warlocks view.

"PREPARE TO BE FEARED, SHEEP!" Cupone cried with a terrible voice as he tilted his carpet to a steep dive.

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Slashcat (SuperAdmin) 12/22/2010 2:14 AM EST : RE: Greeting from Bronzebeard!
Grand Marshal
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After the bonfire they had had in Darkshore, the Grand Marshal found herself sat at her current favourite thinking place, a ledge above the Stormwind Harbour. She watched the boats come and go, people coming and going. She sighed deeply. It had been nice, for once to feel like someone took care of her. Since Saranini had.. she still struggled to finish the thought.. passed away, not only had a friend left, but a person she had been able to rely on, who had taken care of her if need to. Now she had no-one. She had to be the rock, Levian sure took a bit of the work away, but the younger elf needed her to be the Saranini, not the other way around. Cogni, in her eager and obedient servitude, was of no comfort really. Such simple thing, someone pulling her out of trouble, making sure no harm was done no matter what happened, it had felt so nice for a change. Seeing the gnome walk through the mist had made her feel such a loss.. would anyone ever give her such comfort? It had been the second gnome lost within such a short time. She shook herself out of the thoughts. Since when had she been so reliant on GNOMES? She got up, after all there was still a lot to do down at the keep. She gave the harbour one last glance, almost like that might make the gnome come back. But no, only people coming up the ramp were a crew of drunken sailors singing about the "full sails of Jaina". Whatever that meant.. She turned around and whistled for her horse.
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