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Forums : The Embassy > Darkpine signing in...
Selta (SuperAdmin) 12/15/2010 6:12 AM EST : RE: Darkpine signing in...
GP User: Saranini
Posts: 10278

Darkpine said:
The tail is hidden... in somewhere.

(Where am I getting myself into?? )

Only one day in the Vanguard and already you are 100% one of us <3
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Highlady Hasty (SuperAdmin) 12/15/2010 6:15 AM EST : RE: Darkpine signing in...
GP User: Hasty Death Knight
Hasty Death Knight
Posts: 1201

Hai darkpine! welcome again :3

Holler if u want some RP! I'm always up to it >:D

Also... yes I want my tail on worgen... after 2 years of draenei I feel naked w/o a tail! D:<

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Darkpine (Applicant) 12/15/2010 6:24 AM EST : RE: Darkpine signing in...

Posts: 5

Aww... you're too kind. And you make me blush soon (no, you really do!).
I feels nice to be corrupted-... I mean to already be one of the Vanguard.

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