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Forums : The Embassy > Little visit
Asverze (Member) 2/21/2013 5:00 AM EST : Little visit
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Hello my beloved Vanguardians. How are things going overhere ?

Me and my family are going fine, while RL jog on as usual, though two semi-adults sons can give you some headache every now and then. Nevertheless they’re still my sweathearts.
A few weeks ago I’d closed down some quite stressfull but also challenging weeks. I had to arrange the freight  for the two seperate reefers with plant material from China for the company I work for. This provides me with a awefull lot of paper- and organisation work beside my daily one. However everything went fine and both arrived in time and without major problems. At the moment  I’m busy preparing the 2012 annual figure from our company, before the verification of them by the accountant.

Enough about RL. Gaming wise I’m still playing Skyrim a lot. A month ago my youngest son had bought the game Dark Souls. The horror like looks attracted me and I started up a game myself. However after a few weeks I quited it. The game atmosphere is great, but it’s so ridiculous hard and unforgivable that it’s frustrasting . The moment you start to swear like a fishwife doing it, you know you’ve to stop .  At the moment I’m not doing any MMO, I’d quite Guildwars 2 after some months. I’m curious what the Elder Scrolls Online will offer, hopefully a gameplay like Skyrim.

The vanguard is still going strong? There’s still an encouraging flow of new blood filling the ranks? I see that the same die-hards are still running the show, and are still able to arranged fun things for the guild, chapeau!  Congrated with the 6th anniversary btw. Peaking in the calendar I saw that the new raids are already running. I guess there’re going fine.  Are you making good progress? I’m still impressed about the awefull lot of work several people spend in pointing out strategies and aims.

The Hasty vanguard calender is still on track? I’ve seens a few of her drawings. I’m confinced that it will become great. This is one of the things which still make me sad, not being around anymore.




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Levian Ellatar (SuperAdmin) 2/22/2013 3:25 AM EST : RE: Little visit
Levian Ellatar
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Hi! It's good to hear you're doing good. Work being tough kinda sucks, but hey, challenge is good! It's great you're enjoying some fun games too!

The Vanguard is holding up great! Events have been fun, we just started on a new raid, which seems perfectly doable, so it shall be cleared in no time!
It's basically same old awesomeness around here.

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Eltorian (Member) 2/23/2013 6:58 AM EST : RE: Little visit
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Just popped in to say hi!  Hi Asv and committee and anyone else in VoV who knows who I am!

I haven't played much computer games lately, just Dark Souls.  I know what you mean Asv, sometimes it can be harsh and frustrating.  And when you get cross at it is time to stop, because you will just keep dieing!  But come back a bit later after a break and maybe it doesn't seem so hard after all.  Did you look at guides on utube?  Epicnamebro posted some good guides.  Getting the ring that boosts stamina really helps with first play through.  I recently completed the main game, but not yet the additional PC content.

I've been getting in to X country skiing here in Lapland, and winter is very enjoyable so far.  Not as dark as we feared and the kids are doing pretty well down to about minus 20.

Hey Slashy fellow Fin!  Special hello to you (even though you are a southerner)!

Oh Hasty, I just haven't had time to get anywhere with the childrens RPG, but I am still keen to try, I haven't given up, just need to find some time!

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Slashcat (SuperAdmin) 2/23/2013 8:04 AM EST : RE: Little visit
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You know the apocalypse is near when Elt is a truer Finn than I am.  :(

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aurufwindel (Member) 2/23/2013 1:01 PM EST : RE: Little visit
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Slashcat said:
You know the apocalypse is near when Elt is a truer Finn than I am.  :(

Next thing you know he'll be complaining about dem bloody immigrants and how his grandfathers didn't fight for liberty so men could bang each other.

Then claim he can't be racist because he's Catholic.

Oh, those true Finns.

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