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Forums : The Embassy > A invitation to a wedding
gerby dragonhugger (Applicant) 11/12/2011 4:00 PM EST : A invitation to a wedding

gerby dragonhugger
Posts: 245

*You find this letter at your doorstep*

Hello to you all, our dear friends.

We have finally found a date for the big day!

It will be held the 26th of november.

We will start the ceremony in Darnassus in the Temple of the Moon, and after that we will go to Nigels Point in Desolace to party.

Food and drinks will be served, and there will be great entertainment.

We hope to see you there

-Spingo Shortsprocket and Gerby Gentleheart

Bemoful (Member) 11/13/2011 4:35 AM EST : RE: A invitation to a wedding
Posts: 167

it was a one fine autumn morning. The ground frost has allready covered the keep's grounds yet the sun still tended to show its strength on the clear blue sky. Bemoful yawned and with two chucks he flexed his arms leaning forward in his rocking chair. Suddenly he seized the folded letter laying beneath the door. 

"What a mess, what a mess. Someone might have as well swept this away."

He took a pin from his tailoring equipment and attached the letter to the keep's notice board. A wedding, and right in the longears nest. It may be worth to see.

He narrowed his beard cues, took a deep breath, opened the door and stepped out of the door.
Characters: Dancingfang Bemoful

gerby dragonhugger (Applicant) 11/20/2011 7:47 AM EST : RE: A invitation to a wedding

gerby dragonhugger
Posts: 245

*a new note is hanging on the door*

We moved the wedding to the friday the 25th insted of 26th. Still hope to see you there

-spingo and gerby

Triell A Proudstrider (Officer) 11/21/2011 3:08 AM EST : RE: A invitation to a wedding
Triell A Proudstrider
Posts: 569

*notes down the date change, so she can remind others*

It's hard to be gloomy when you are all around
Triell A Proudstrider
Valor Knight.

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