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Forums : The Embassy > A tradition that everyone has!
Mirade1 (Applicant) 2/28/2011 5:14 PM EST : A tradition that everyone has!

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*Wulfenbach walks towards the keep. Comming alongside him is a dwarf with which he argue constantly. Words such as "git" "flat one" and "kill you/ya" can be heard as they approach. Walking into the keep they seem so intent on arguing exactly which one can kick the other the hardest that they do not notice being inside the keep until they are far into the courtyard. Upon realising this and after an argument as to the best course of action wulfenbach decides to adress the nearest vanguard members standing around*

"Ehm. Pardon is my great honour and privilige to invite the members of the Vanguard of Valor to a very traditional Tavern night arranged by me, Franz Wulfenbach and Flat Brunson at the Stormfeather Outpost in the hinterlands this thursday at eight in the evening. Me and Brunson have worked very hard to discover a tradition that all races abide by and want to make this the theme of the Tavern night. I hope to you see you there. We will supply a large amount of booze and food and hope you will all show upp for a terrific evening.

Wulfenbach scratches himself then remembers something.

"Oh bring weapons."

((It is a tavern night hosted by me and brunson. We will meet at stormfeather outpost at 20.00 server time this thursday for some drinks and after around twenty minutes  we start the very traditional tavern night. Hope we will see you there.))

Ubbermann (Applicant) 2/28/2011 5:28 PM EST : RE: A tradition that everyone has!
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*As Wulfenbach finishes his speech the dwarf smacks him on the back with his gauntlet so hard that the hall resounds with the sound of two plates violently clashing*

"What tha hell was that! Yer invitin' them ta a tea partea or sumthin! Sorrea ah forgot yer bloodea dress an' tea!"

*Slightly growling the worgen looks down at the dwarf as he adresses the whole hall"

"Listen 'ere ye lot! Me an' Wulfea are gunna have a bloodea true dworven partea, with traditions passed on frem tha ages. If yer a sissey, a pansey or tha kind that starts ta cry when sum'one calls ye a bastard. Bloodea flee! Git yer arses out me face! But If ye got sum dwarf or worgen in ye!"

*Pauses to spit on the ground*

"Then git yer arse ovah ta this 'ere evening an' show me an' Wulfea 'ere what yer made of!"

*nods firmly as he finishes his speech*


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