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Forums : The Embassy > Falorè | Guild Application follow up
Falorè (Applicant) 12/22/2010 2:45 PM EST : RE: Falorè | Guild Application follow up
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Falorè looks down at the gnome has she rolls up the scroll with the information she just had given.

"You can be on your way now, we will contact you soon with our decission"

"very well, but i must inform you that im going to be out of reach for a couple of days." Her cheeks darkens and she looks away.
"The holiday season is here, and im needed back in Darnassus. I hope you understand"

Slashcat (SuperAdmin) 12/23/2010 3:06 AM EST : RE: Falorè | Guild Application follow up
Grand Marshal
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Slashcat saw from the corner of her eye Cogni standing in the doorway. Suppressing a sigh, she turned to the gnome, who perked up.

"Grand Marshal, I have just been approached by a possible new recruit, I have the report of our conversation right here."

Slashcat turned to look at the large pile of papers the gnome was holding and her eyes widened. The gnome then lifted two sheets and placed them on her desk.

"Right here. Also I have here the preliminary research you asked about our drinks consumption."

The gnome placed the rest of the papers on her desk. The gnome looked at her, apologetically.

"I am so sorry it is not more thorough, I promise to finish the full report by the end of the week."

Slashcat forced a smile on her face and thanked the gnome.

"This is fine, Cogni, thank you. You can go on to your other duties now."

The gnome hastily left her office and she turned back to the papers. She tried her best to ignore the larger pile and took the two sheets instead.

"Faloré, eh? Let's see this then.."

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