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Forums : The Embassy > Welcome! (please read before posting)
Selta (SuperAdmin) 1/15/2009 11:59 PM EST : Welcome! (please read before posting)
GP User: Saranini
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You see before you a sturdy stone keep. Banners fly from its parapetsand guards in light armor patrol atop the crenelated walls. A steadyflow of peasant-drawn carts pass through the keep's gates under thewatchful eyes of an armored paladin on horseback. Next to him, you seea dwarf, casually sitting on his ram, trying to balance a knife on thetop of his pinkie. Upon spotting you, the knife falls, and the dwarfmutters a curse under his breath as his ram shows his dislike ofcutlery landing on his hooves. The paladin looks aside, urging thedwarf to ride up to you. The long bearded, stout, but muscular dwarfapproaches and grumbles; "Ye 'ere to join our ranks then?" Yourexpression reveals that this is not your purpose, the dwarf'sdisappointment clear when he grumbles "Well ye need the board then"while pointing to a large, oaken construction. Upon approaching theboard you read;

Welcome stranger!

How very kind of youto drop by. The Vanguard of Valor is always interested in getting toknow new, and like-minded people. If you would like to forge analliance with the Vanguard, or simply to converse with some of ourmembers, feel free to leave us a note on this noticeboard.

Be a stranger no longer!

Warm Regards,

Saranini Senterspring
Archmage of the Vanguard of Valor
Characters: Selta Nendir Kadveri Ingtar

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