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City Information

Zilda Zin

Specialization: Research Center
Alignment: Neutral
Population: 110
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Friends of Rielig Steppes

 Approximately 4k m from the Agro Outpost on Dantooine, Rielig Steppes was deemed a rank 4 city by the Planetary Housing Authority with a current population of 110+ citizens.  With a specialization of Research Center, our city is equipped with all the necessities; Shuttleport facility, Garage, Specialized MedCenters, Bacta Treatment Center, various Mission Terminals, Trainers on call, and a bank.

You will find a large selection of vendors within our Merchant Plaza, located within walking distance of the Shuttleport, or various stores around the city where other shopkeepers operate from. 

If you're looking to learn a bit about history, the Dantooine Archeological Society's Museum hosts artifacts and paintings from all over the galaxy.

Entertainment is also top notch as the 'River Bend' Cantina hosts their weekly 'River Jams', and the 'Forest Floor' Nightclub brings you to the center of the Outer Rim's social action.

Looking for a place to stay for the weekend? Look no further than the Krayt Dragon Inn. Beautifully decorated, the Inn provides 4-star rooms at a comfortable price (free) :)

With so much to offer, come check out Rielig Steppes on the Dantooine frontier! We've made it our home and we hope you will too!

*Paid for by the RS Chamber of Commerce*

OOC: Rielig Steppes is a neutral Star Wars Galaxies roleplay city located in the Sunrunner server. We welcome people of all factions, guilds and all levels of roleplay and hope to bring together the roleplay community along with our sister city, Smuggler's Luck, located on Lok.

We have a weekly event called the 'River Jam' that gives the community a chance to interact with your neighbors and friends in a roleplay environment and we also have an open 'in character' public channel set up so everyone can keep in contact and be aware of events that might be happening.  

Although all factions are welcomed into the city, on an RP basis, the rebels are living "covertly" and seen as just average citizens in this hunting community. So please be respectful of this and of others and remember to do your best to make sure you and those around you have fun.  :)
If you have any questions, please contact Mayor Zilda Zin

Master Sabaac
I'm back sorry was gone had to take care of business
Kelpy, let me know when you get back in game.
Master Sabaac
Going to be out of the loop for a couple months while i get school done

Imperial Troop Buildup

Dyvim Farshot, Jan 4, 08 7:35 PM.
Citizens of the hunting community of Rielig Steppes have reported increased sightings of Imperial patrols in and around the city in the last few weeks, and the Dantooine detachment of the Imperial Office of Public Relations released a statement this morning stating that the build up is neccessary for the protection of the local citizens. Lieutenant Darium Evard, of said office, said "There has been a population growth of both native inhabitants and planetary animals, and this has caused great concern among the citizens. That's why we have been redirecting troops to the area." Mayor Parn Pen'el was unavailable for comments as of this afternoon.
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