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Guild Roster
Solith (Ranger)
Guk, EverQuest 2
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Character Flags & Keys
[Flags] Bloodskull Valley
[Flags] Cauldron's Hollow
[Flags] Clefts of Rujark Elevator
[Flags] Court of Coin
[Flags] Cove of Decay
[Flags] Crypt of Immortality
[Flags] Enchanted Lands
[Flags] Everfrost
[Flags] Nektropos Castle
[Flags] Tomb of Valor
[Flags] Zek
[Heritage] A Missing Mask
[Heritage] An Ancient Desert Power
[Heritage] An Axe from the Past
[Heritage] An Eye for Power
[Heritage] By Hook or By...
[Heritage] Dragoon K'Naae of the Thexians
[Heritage] Foomby's Stolen Goods
[Heritage] Hadden's Earring
[Heritage] Rescue of the Greenhoods
[Heritage] Restoring Ghoulbane
[Heritage] Saving Soles
[Heritage] Stiletto's Orders Intercepted
[Heritage] Strange Black Rock
[Heritage] The Bone Bladed Claymore
[Heritage] The Journey is Half the Fun
[Heritage] The Lost Legend of Lavastorm
[Heritage] The Reaching Blade of the Assassin
[Heritage] The Return of the Light
[Heritage] The Screaming Mace
[Heritage] The Stein of Moggok: It Can Be Rebuilt
[Heritage] The Teachings of Yoru
[Heritage] These Boots Were Made For...
[Heritage] Training is a Shield

Character Stats
Art. Class: Carpenter Class: Ranger
Level: 92 Race: Wood Elf

Awarded Medals: None

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  Basst (SK)
  Neoma (Defiler)
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Public Journal Entries
This character has no public journal entries.

Character Skills
Carpenter 90
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