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kimmillie (conj)
Nektulos, EverQuest 2
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End bubbles for summoner aa line- empower servant (mage pet replenishes 35% power it spends. the saved power is converted into a heal for pet). and Implode (kills pet applies implosive forse for 1723-2837 magic aoe. gives me a fast recast to next summoned pet. pet does have to be close to target for it to work. Conj tree aa line Hydromancer (4th pet to be able to summon that helps health of group). Bubble (as long as pet is standing next to me and not doing damage gains a non-direct aoe avoidance. so as long as i know about the aoe and when it goes off can help on my dps) and unabate ( both spells and combat arts have increased chance to hit for both conj and pet.) Hope this helps

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Class: Conjurer Level: 80
Race: Human

Awarded Medals: None

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