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Everquest News

Welcome to the Union of Heroes!
We're an alliance of guilds on the 7th Hammer server.
Working together for a common goal, Planar Progression.

If you belong to an alliance guild and havent yet signed up to the site, please take a moment to sign up via the 'apply to join' link at the top of this page.. thanks!

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Alliance News


SkifPilfernloot, Jan 2, 07 7:39 AM.
Due to a poor cross section from the polls  I am going to call UoH's main focuses Epic 1.5 and PoP at this time. I may put the polls back up in a month or so and see if I get a better response. Watch the calender for event details.

Happy Holidays

SkifPilfernloot, Dec 23, 06 1:39 PM.
Happy Holidays to one and all. Please vote on the polls if you have not. After the new year we will be starting up raids again. If you do not have access to the Tower of Solusek Ro please do the alt access quest as we will probably hit some of the minis for practice runs/progression early in the new year. We are looking for a panel of raid leaders to actively participate in raid leading/planning. If you are interested please email me here or in game.

Skif 1.5

SkifPilfernloot, Nov 30, 06 8:57 AM.
Thanks to everyone who showed up last night to help me get my 1.5. Skif is now the proud owner of Fatestealer. Congrats go to Miltin for the drop from the chest of Frayed Cap of Patience.

Sol Ro Mini - The Protector of Dresolik

SkifPilfernloot, Jul 12, 06 10:31 PM.
Tonight we took out the 5th Sol Ro miniboss. With tonights kill we have downed all 5 mini bosses since February. Congratulations to all who received this flag towards progression. Thanks to everyone who came out to make this raid a success.

The following drops were won:
Ethereal Parchment - Catball, Zabatez
Spectral Parchment - Rooskie, Catball, Seini
Glyphed Rune Word - Nariel
Mithiril Battle Hammer - Rebbeca
Greatsword of the Protector - Oyaa
Ornate Boot Mold - Seini
Ornate Bracer Mold Zabatez, Pherocious
Ornate Leather Wristband Pattern - Tidytatoo

Storms Round 2

SkifPilfernloot, Jul 5, 06 8:39 PM.
We went back to the Plane of Storms today. 7 more people obtained all the pieces to complete the quest for access to Bastion of Thunder. Congratulations to Daistmouse, Jamelina, Seini, Somen, Shadara, Woran and Zabatez. Thanks to all those who came out to help that had already completed this and making this a great success.
UoH Alliance Events
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UoH Victories

2006 Wins

Cracked Earthshaker
Gratz Stormienite
(Dec 13)

Lanys T'Vyl
Gratz Skif
(Nov 29)

The Protector of Dresolik
Sol Ro Mini
(July 12)

Plane of Storms
(July 3 & 5)

Dark Disciple Master
Gratz Rebbeca
(June 12)

Sol Ro Mini
(June 5)

Taskmaster Mirot
Gratz Rebbeca
(May 29)

Seana & Stephen Maringer
Gratz Skif and Katrinna
(May 22)

 ~Epics Galore~
Grats: Shimmeringlight, Veldrissa, Laments and LadySakura
(Apr 22-23)

Grats Ceyliannae
(Apr 10)

Solro Mini
(Apr 9)

Lythe Songbird & Stefan Marsinger
Grats Skif
(Apr 3)

Krekk Brimblade
Grats Oyaa
(Mar 19)

Sol Ro Mini
(Mar 8)

Dragorn Champion
Grats Oyaa
(Mar 2)

Discordling Dark Animist
Grats Brumbkab
(Feb 24)

PoJ Trials
(Feb 18)

Solro Mini
(Feb 13)

Girplan Devourer
Grats Oyaa
(Jan 21)

Galdorin Visigothe

Grats Skif
(Jan 14)

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