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Redraider2 (Officer) 9/8/2011 5:48 PM EST : Bravery Bonus explained
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Check out this thread.  The Bravery Bonus is VERY hard to explain, but the way Cordovan explains it, I think it will be awesome.

The way I have it figured, if you start out in Korthos and just run everything Elite the first time you open a quest - you will get the 80% elite bonus plus an additional 50% Bravery bonus every time you run a quest the first time.  Every time.  The key is the first time you run the quest.  Additional runs of that same quest - no matter the difficulty setting, you don't get any additional bonus, nor will it affect your Bravery streak.

That means I could, for example, take my L17 TR into the Vale with a group of L20 guildies and run all 5 flagging Quests on Elite losing only 10% for over level penalty and still be miles ahead on XP (in fact an additional 100% ie +30%New Elite Bonus + 20% Bravery +50% Streak) compared to doing the same thing now...

Bravery bonus work like this:
Quest 2: ENNNNNNNHC (maintaining bravery bonus since the FIRST time you run the quest it's on leet
Quest 3: ENNNNNNNHC (see above)
OR does it work like this:
Quest 1: Elite
Quest 2: Elite
Quest 3: Elite
Quest 4: Elite

In other words, do you maintain your bonus as long as the FIRST time you do it it's leet, or do you have to run elites un-interrupted to maintain bonus?

Cordovan's responses:

Correct, Bravery Bonus is based on the first time you enter a quest on a character, so if you go into quest A on Elite, then run A on Normal, then quest B on Elite, you'll still maintain your Bravery Bonus.
Technically, both your examples would maintain your Bravery Bonus, except in the 2nd example you'd lose your Bravery Bonus if you ran a not-included Quest 5 on Normal for the first time.

Originally Posted by Fetchi View Post
If the streak is maxed at 5, when you do your 6th quest on elite, does it reset back to 1 or continue at max 5?
It continues at the max of five. In other words, you will continue to maintain your Bravery Bonus for as long as you continue to enter quests for the first time on Elite (or Hard, if you are running up a Bravery Bonus streak by running quests on Hard.)

Originally Posted by TheDjinnFor View Post
Just to clarify for all, in case anyone still doesn't fully get it.

If you're running a quest for the first time ever in that TR life, and you run it on:

1. Normal, your hard streak is reset to zero and your elite streak is reset to zero. You get no bravery bonus and no streak bonus, but you get a "first time on normal" bonus as usual.

2. Hard, your hard streak increases by 1 (to a maximum of 5) and your elite streak is reset to zero. You gain a bravery bonus based on the difficulty, and a streak bonus based on your streak (hard streak = +5% per streak, up to 25%). You also get a "first time on hard" bonus, as usual.

3. Elite, your hard streak increases by 1 (to a maximum of 5) and your elite streak increases by 1 (to a maximum of 5). You gain a bravery bonus based on the difficulty, and a streak bonus based on your streak (a hard streak = +5% per level, up to +25%, and an elite streak = +10% per level, up to +50%; the game picks the higher bonus of the two and gives it to you). You also get a "first time on elite" bonus, as usual.

If you're not running it for the first time ever in that TR life, your bravery streak is unaffected (neither increases nor decreases), you don't get a bravery bonus, you don't get a streak bonus, and you may get a "first time on xxx difficulty", if it's your first time on that difficulty.

That should cover all the possibilities.
Correct, great explanation. The only thing I'd add is that the "as usual" bonus on first-time Normal, Hard, and Elite bonus is actually being increased in Update 11 compared to what is currently on Live. XP Rewards for first time completion on normal, hard, and elite will be 25%, 40% and 80% respectively, when U11 hits the live servers.

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Misscarlet (SuperAdmin) 9/9/2011 7:33 AM EST : RE: Bravery Bonus explained
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Well all I have to say about that is... ouch my brain.

Honestly it seems a little silly quests had enough exp as it was but I'm not complaining, just over complicating things I think.  Fairy snuff though, whatever floats their boat.  Sounds like we'll be lvl 20 in no time.
... its all in good fun until someone loses an eye!


Tomoman (Member) 9/9/2011 8:37 AM EST : RE: Bravery Bonus explained
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If you change your practice to run every non-consecutive quest on Elite, you'll get max bravery bonus.  If you are repeating a quest, then it doesn't matter what difficulty you run it on.  So if you used to run quests NNNHE, now you would change that to ENNH.  At least that is how I've simplified it, however I'm not expert as I have yet to practice with it yet...

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Coit1 (Associate) 9/10/2011 8:44 AM EST : RE: Bravery Bonus explained
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Thanks for the info Red, i'll be putting some of that into practice after Monday youbetcha!


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