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Forums : Character Discussion > Many new toons in the works......
yaha21 (Officer) 2/26/2010 7:10 PM EST : RE: Many new toons in the works......
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Will do, ty domtro for filling in my blanks.....will reroll him tonight, new stats as follows....
Str- 18
Dex 11
Con- 16
Int- 8
Wis- 10
Cha- 10
Have 1 build pt left, and will probably put it into int- so as to use +1 tome at level 3 for 4 skill pts.......11 dex, with spectral gloves for the even number...
SKill Pts. into, intimidate, balance, jump, spot
How does that look??
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Jaeson Hawke (Member) 3/1/2010 6:40 AM EST : RE: Many new toons in the works......

Jaeson Hawke
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Bard is something I have had in the back of my mind as well...  But the limited spell casting thing always got to me, and the fact that they had Rogue BAB so their combat was slightly limited compared to a warrior, and their casting power was lacking that of a mage.

Don't get me wrong, I loves me some bard buffage, but are they really a total combat support class, or is it possible to do some real damage with one?

Bah, small hijack warning... sorry.

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Organon2560 (Associate) 3/1/2010 4:51 PM EST : RE: Many new toons in the works......
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This is organon's current build

starting with

str  18
dex 8
con 18
int   11
wis  8
cha  7

i have 7  feats to use up so i took. toughness, cleave, power attack, combat expertise, improved trip, stunning blow, and improved crit slashing. I really really really enjoy improved trip hence the 11 starting intelligence so i can eat a +2 tome and have 13 so i can get CE which is a pre req for imp trip. In my experience the two handed fighting feats are junk, and the melee crowd control benefits (and fun!) that Improved trip and stunning blow offer far outweigh any pros that the thf feats could offer. Dex is useless, really, imho for a barb. your dex as a thf guy will always suck 3 more points or whatever in balance is going to do nothing to help you getting knocked over. I put the rest of the points in wis, and cha that i had left over, with wis getting the nod for the even number sincei will save is more important than 1 point of intimidate. With this i still have a 40+ intim which is pretty usefull for trash mobs to help keep stuff off squishy sorcs who are nuking or get aggro before i can either kill or gain the aggro with my axe. 

Nothing at all wrong with the dwarf option. mine is dwarf and i love it. Warforged healing amp stuff really isnt that big of deal, with leviks bracers and healers freind 1 you are at 85% rather than 50% and both of those are easy enough to obtain. add in 10% on dt docent and you are good to go. plus warforged get more pa enhancements. Although dwarves do get the axe to hit and dmg enhancements which while they will cost more AP, the will not lower your to-hit any more when power attack is on so for epic that is usefull for armored mobs i guess. Dwarves are cool and look great in Owl bear armor!!! (hide armor skin)  


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