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Grimskulz (Officer) 10/14/2011 9:19 AM EST : Arti Pew Pew question

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My level 8 artificer Kharnegie is currently running around with a acid bleeding repeater bought of the auction house.  This has been ok thus far but quests have been dropping crap for me.  I have not wrapped my head around crafting yet….but plan on it with full dragon marks at end game.   What could I make currently that would be better than what I have??  Examples would be nice. 

As soon as I hit greensteal I was thinking 2x lightning for 90% content, earthgrab for fun and CC.  Also was debating 3x POS, but can I use adamantium and such on greansteal for DR??

Also…..what the hell is up with the crapping rune are drops.  I have not seen one since Korthos….am I just that unlucky??  Does anyone have extras that are not bound??  I guess they bind on equip??


Any hooo……I know there are quite a few Artis in guild now so I hope someone in the know ill respond.





Tomoman (Member) 10/17/2011 8:20 AM EST : RE: Arti Pew Pew question
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Are you talking repeaters for endgame, or leveling?

My artificer uses DPS repeaters at level 12 (non-crafted):
+5 Flaming of PG, +4 Anartic of PG, +1 (Frost) GT of Undead Bane + Others.
From 8th - 12th, I used a paralyzing repeater as the monsters have little to no save.

I have a banisher, smiter and disrupter, but not till 14th level.

I won't have access to GS until later in the game as I'm on a first life, but any GS is good, you can't go wrong.

Rune Arms only drop as end rewards from what I've seen.  I've found them in:
STK, Delera's, Catacombs, CO6, Threnal.

I know they have them sprinkled in many of the quest series as end rewards, but honestly I hardly use mine.  The one out of STK is AWESOME for breaking barrels, about all I use it for.

I'm sure there are some other artificers with better detailed information, I tend to set a fire pillar and use my repeater as support.  At level 15 I'm going to sell out for Blade Barrier, and use the repeater for support DPS.

My artificer isn't an endgame toon, mainly built it for learning the new class and to end up being my crafting bot.  So I can't really speak too much about endgame artys.

My advice is don't overlook you pet.  Make your pet a module with paralyzing on it and a fearsome docent.  Give him intimidate.  It can actually serve as great crowd control as you rain bolts down.


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