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    WAR Beta?

    18147_Inactive, Apr 30, 07 1:23 AM.
    So, at the request of more than one person, I'm going to try to keep this updated ever since the implosion of  There were ... billing issues which you'll have to contact me to have explained!

    The reason behind the sudden resurgence of interest is of course, we now don't have a place to post really cool and interesting information for each other!  But also, Mythic is currently looking at opening beta up to guilds who are interested.  And, even though MSN and AIM are great mediums for us to communicate, I'm not sure Mythic feels the same.

    Hi Mythic person, we don't even have a forum anymore since many of us have stopped playing the game.  We still keep in touch via instant messangers though, that's how guild-like we are!  Consider us for your WAR beta! /plug.

    Anyway, depending on how many people decide to come back and use it (I'll update the camelot herald website to see if we can catch people up who we don't have on IM) will depend on how much I put back into the site, and if there is actually enough interest, perhaps another real site as opposed to guildportal.  Only time will tell!

    Post new news and new stuff in the 'New stuff' forum I created.  Happy posting and real lifing!


    Happy Halloween!

    Deleted User, Oct 31, 04 1:13 PM.
    Happy Halloween - here's a picture to set the mood.

    And... here's a little something for the guys... because we know what they use the Internet for.

    Fashion sense?

    Deleted User, Jul 10, 04 8:21 PM.
    Elaruwan confirming everyone's suspisions that he takes apparel advice from Elton John, with his recent escapades in Aerus Haven recently. So starting immediatly, Elaruwan is not allowed to participate in SotG guild RvR until he has been approved by a senior member of the guild. We are not trying to infringe on his rights to show his... flamboyant.. taste in clothing, but for the sake of Hibernia. A new guild rank has been created specifically for Elaruwan, Rank 8: "My Mother Still Dresses Me" All current rank 8s have hereby been promoted to rank 7, and thus everyone, excepting Conscripts (Rank 9), are now Elaruwan's senior guild members. Lets face it, not everyone can dress as snazzy as SotG members such as Evaex. So please, help Elaruwan for the sake of Hibernia... and our guild image. (Sorry folks, I don't know how to get the links to be clickies, so copy paste ;) )

    Homeward bound?

    Deleted User, Jul 6, 04 11:04 AM.
    Well I hate to say things like this before they happen. But Alvial and I could be coming back to the states and DAoC as soon as December. We're set to be replaced by some Nasty Girls, er National Guard members then. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    BUD da Stud

    Master Level Raid Organizer!

    12897_Inactive, Dec 31, 03 2:12 PM.
    I recommend checking this out and registering there.  It's Hib/Guin run and organized (Hey, it could still be good!) and looks like a great way to streamline some ML raiding. You can also link to it from the Hibernia on Guinevere ezboard.

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