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Becoming a Member

1) The first step would be to contact any of our officers (see left hand side of this page for a list). You will be informally interviewed with a few simple questions. We do not go through a long application process that some guilds go through. During the interview you will be asked to provide a functioning email address that will be given to the guild leader. Your email will ONLY be used to create an account for you on our web site (you can also choose to create your account yourself; but that will take you through a series of short questions that will only take a few minutes). Follow this link if you'd like to know how to apply on our web site yourself.  Please make sure you review our Charter / Rules (link is on the left of this page) before moving forward.

2) After your interview you will be assigned a mentor who would usually be the person who recruited you (unless assigned to someone else). You will be placed under a 3-month probationary period. We realize this may seem like a long time, but we do this in order to establish a dedicated player-base. The date probation ends will be on the Guild Management Roster (in-game). During this time we will check with you to see if your needs are being met, and if all is going well.

3) After your probationary period ends, you will earn voting privileges, and permanent member status. Keep in mind that we will only bring certain issues to the table to be voted on by members. Please don't expect that every decision made in the guild will be voted on.

4) After your probationary period ends, you will also have the opportunity to earn points based on participation determined by the officers. These points grant you access to our guild bank where you can request items. Participation points are based on FORMAL activities (those on the calendar) and guild meetings.

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