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FoS (Forge of Souls) Emblem -- Sword by T.KingArticle I: Forge of Souls Charter
Article II: Rules of Engagement
Article III: Becoming a member

ARTICLE I. Forge of Souls Charter

Forge of Souls (FoS) is a guild that stands for family values, with a goal to provide balance to benefit all our members. We allow personal freedom of choice while holding our members to the EverQuest code of fair play, honesty and loyalty.

FoS (Forge of Souls) was founded by a group of dedicated players whose focus was to bind a group of like-minded individuals together and form a sense of camaraderie. All founders had served in a guild whose branches spread throughout many MMORPG's (Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game). This founding group of individuals decided that a smaller group dedicated to EverQuest would bring a tighter-knit group of people together whose focus is 'community' within the EverQuest franchise (including EverQuest 2) with an emphasis on family/friends. 

FoS (Forge of Souls) realizes that teamwork will be the number one priority. FoS (Forge of Souls) realizes that with a competitive MMORPG market, that many will be curious to try something new and different; and may even move on, but feel confident in creating a unique environment that will serve its member base in the best means possible for new players and seasoned EQ players alike.

FoS' focus is a family-oriented guild, with intent to participate in activities, raiding activities, and goals of assisting those who are seeking their epic content. This unique environment will allow players to utilize their play style without the pressures of a typical raiding guild. Our leaders will be focused on the guild, events, recruitment, and making sure that everyone is being taken care of.

Our general rules are simple; to have fun, carry our guild name with honor, and to help others in need; even those who are not a part of the FoS family.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of our leaders (see list on the left side of this page) or members.

ARTICLE II.  Rules of Engagement

Guild-Specific Rules

  • FoS (Forge of Souls)  follows the same code of conduct that was specifically designed for EverQuest by SOE. Any of the rules broken by this agreement are grounds for dismissal.
  • FoS (Forge of Souls) does NOT condone the use of exploits. If a member discovers an exploit, it is their responsibility to report it to a GM. Discussions of exploits are permitted but not the HOW-TO's.
  • No member regardless of rank will demand the time of another member. FoS (Forge of Souls) is known for it's assistance and help to those in need but ONLY if time permits.
  • No member regardless of rank will demand ITEMS. If items are available, it is up to the discretion of the owner to choose how the item is distributed. FoS (Forge of Souls) recommends that items be given to members first (but is not mandatory). FoS (Forge of Souls) also recommends donating to the guild bank.
  • No member regardless of rank will demand that our members be REQUIRED to only group with FoS (Forge of Souls) members. Although it's recommended, our members should choose the best use of their time, and try to group with non-members as well. Guild functions are by choice and not mandatory, however guild events and functions will bring us together as a cohesive guild, and earn you points.
  • Spamming general chat channels is not acceptable by FoS (Forge of Souls) when trying to recruit.
  • Spamming in Guild Chat for groups, etc.. will not be tolerated.
  • Foul language is not recommended as it may offend any one of our members.
  • Offensive remarks will not be tolerated. This includes racial slurs, political discussions that may offend, or offensive remarks regarding lifestyle. Remember what FoS (Forge of Souls) is about.
  • KSing (Kill-stealing) is against our policy. If someone starts to harass you regarding this, the best solution is to add them to your ignore list and move on to another area, or report it to an officer.
  • Harassment is against our policy and grounds for dismissal
  • Excessive complaining in guild chat will not be tolerated

Recruitment Policy

Keep the following guidelines in mind:

1) A prospective member is one that we see who has potential of carrying the FoS (Forge of Souls) name respectfully and understanding what we are about, and understand our charter and rules.

2) A prospective member is one that is observed as helpful, friendly, and either a good player, or one that is eager to learn.

3) If we see a prospective member, discuss it with an officer. The officers will then have an interview before inviting them into the guild. An interview does not secure membership. Officers should try to notify others about their intent. I know it may sound a bit strict, but the nature of EQ is different from many other MMO's.

4) All members are required to supply a functioning email address so that we can place them on the web site. A prospective member will be official after 3 months of being with the guild (if they pass the probationary period), which grants them voting privileges (see "How do I join" above)

5) Members who participate in "official" guild events (those on the calendar) will earn points that can be used on treasury/bank items. Points will be recorded on the web site.

6) Please don't invite anyone just 'because'. If you have known them for 1 hour.. hang out with them longer... group with them and see if they fit into our family.  If you've known them for a while that's even better.

7) before prospective members are invited, an officer will usually do an informal interview with them (application process).

8) When invited, it will be the responsibility of the person who referred them (unless otherwise specified) to mentor/sponsor the applicant under a three month probationary period or up to 90-days .

9) Once approved, all members are expected to KNOW where to find information .  This means knowing our web site . All official guild events and meeting information will be posted on the web site.

Other Items:

  • Don't be discouraged of others can't join you in a group or activity. We recommend that you 'schedule' an event in our forum ahead of time to try and bring people together. See what the consensus is on the best times for your event. Remember that unscheduled events may not have the results you desire.
  • We pay for our fun in EverQuest. We will not dictate how you choose to have fun while playing. But don't ruin the fun for others.

ARTICLE III. Becoming a Member

1) The first step would be to contact any of our officers (see left hand side of this page for a list). You will be informally interviewed with a few simple questions. We do not go through a long application process that some guilds go through. During the interview you will be asked to provide a functioning email address that will be given to the guild leader. Your email will ONLY be used to create an account for you on our web site (you can also choose to create your account yourself; but that will take you through a series of short questions that will only take a few minutes). Follow this link if you'd like to know how to apply on our web site yourself

2) After your interview you will be assigned a mentor who would usually be the person who recruited you (unless assigned to someone else). You will be placed under a 3-month probationary period. We realize this may seem like a long time, but we do this in order to establish a dedicated player-base. The date probation ends will be on the Guild Management Roster (in-game). During this time we will check with you to see if your needs are being met, and if all is going well.

3) After your probationary period ends, you will earn voting privileges, and permanent member status. Keep in mind that we will only bring certain issues to the table to be voted on by members. Please don't expect that every decision made in the guild will be voted on.

4) After your probationary period ends, you will also have the opportunity to earn points based on participation determined by the officers. These points grant you access to our guild bank where you can request items. Participation points are based on FORMAL activities (those on the calendar) and guild meetings.

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