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Forged Sword - Sword by TKingForge of Souls - Everquest II is now Live!
Please take a moment to visit our new EQII web site: [ click here ]

Forge of Souls is a guild that stands for family values, with a goal to provide balance to benefit all our members. We allow personal freedom of choice while holding our members to the EverQuest code of fair play, honesty and loyalty.

Information & Updates

  • Forge of Souls makes the GuildPortal Spotlight! [ more info ] - New
  • "Forge of Souls" has already been submitted, and currently we are waiting for approval which takes approximately 7-10 days.
  • Our Guild Charter and Rules of Engagement are now complete.
  • Please take note of our new address, This domain change and link is now functioning.
  • If you have any questions please email us, or send a tell in-game.
Tools & Downloads

EQ ImageDesktop Wallpapers & More
Want to spruce up your desktop? Visit EverQuest Live for a bunch of desktop wallpaper images, ring tones for your cell, and a wide assortment of other images. Look for the multimedia section.

[ Click here to visit EverQuest Live ]

Jim's Interface
Find all sorts of skins and tweaks for your EQ User Interface. Use caution when using skins as game updates may make them act strange, but usually authors of the UI's will fix them. Take note of T.King's work. Also look to the right for a list of recent interface downloads.

[ link to EQInterface ]

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536984135_Inactive, Sep 12, 04 1:41 PM.
Belgarthe has graciously offered his services to help cooridinate Raid events with our guild and our alliance guilds Mystical Mysfits and Disturbed Remains. He has played the game for many years and has participated in a larger raiding guild so he understands what it will take to do a raid.
Thanks again Belgarthe.

FoS (Forge of Souls) Makes the GuildPortal Spotlight!

Deleted User, Mar 26, 04 8:21 AM.
FoS (Forge of Souls) Screen Shot Forge Of Souls , an EverQuest guild on the Lanys T'Vyl server, took even us by surprise with the incredible work they've done to customize their site!”

You can see the shot on the guildportal home page . You may have to hit refresh a few times to see it..

What is GuildPortal?

Deleted User, Dec 31, 03 1:52 PM.
GuildPortal Home Page Screen ShotAs you know we have transferred our guild site to GuildPortal. There are many reasons for this! Firstly, we now have an easy web address: . This will make it easier in the future to share our web address - something much easier to remember and type. Secondly, our forums are now integrated into the site without having to go somewhere outside of the site.
There are hundreds of features you all will enjoy; interactive events where you can add an event... locations that you specify will link to a map! The guild Roster allows YOU to tweak your characters details. Authorized members can add news articles. You also get an email account built-in to the site. There are so many other features to list, but in a nutshell we can do things interactively... things happen on the fly.
Since you are going to be new to GuildPortal, I recommend reading the welcome message on our home page (click here). It will help you with the process of getting situated with us.
If you have any questions, or comments feel free to click on the comment link below. Welcome, and enjoy!
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UI List Removed

Due to our policy of not linking out to any sites that are owned by virtual item and account sales companies that are in violation of the EULA of the games we support, the link to the EQ Interface site (owned by IGE / OGaming) has been removed. Please, be careful when installing any software on your gaming computer from third party sites!

Please note, that this does not prevent guild admins from adding any links they like; this is only the removal of the specific content type.

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