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Sentinals are deaded
Jan 2, 05 1:31 PM
Hi all !
Jun 18, 04 9:57 PM
Guild Meeting.
Aug 25, 03 7:07 PM
Rules read them learn them and follow them
May 16, 03 3:09 PM
Apr 27, 03 3:38 PM
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Well Funcom is about to launch a new game so here i am back trying to revive the site and see if any of the old gang is gonna give it a try for Age of conan


Sentinals are deaded

Hiromukurei, Jan 2, 05 1:31 PM.
Ok, so the Sentinals appear to be pretty thoroughly dead. I am no longer playing as Hiro, and when I logged on anyway nobody was on but bots on my entire friends list. I am reading this as "dead". Kara never took prez either, and in fact hasn't logged in for over a month. Basically posting this so that the guild will not get new applicants until such time as someone decides to run with it. We still have our towers only because nobody has attacked them lately, and our city I guess but that will go away when the bank is drained all the way. Again, the current prez is inactive so the guild is pretty much lost no matter what. The latent prez is also inactive so cannot hand off to the new prez, who is inactive anyway... Bye guys. Send a tell to "Freeloader" if you want to find me, playing a free account now :-)

Hi all !

Deleted User, Jun 18, 04 9:57 PM.
Greetings All !

Our lil page has gotten a lil update it seems :)

There is a Vote\poll about it which will run for a few days. first 10 (maybe 5) votes, then it's over :)

Would like to ask all of you to start spam more. And by spamming i mean: read forums more. Alot in fact. And make comments. I prefer stupid comments :p

Guild Meeting.

17624_Inactive, Aug 25, 03 7:07 PM.
Come one, come all, to the first guild meeting, led by me, El-Presidente. Meeting will be at Reet's or maybe Enjoy it While it Lasts. Haven't decided yet. I will post final location and time on guild news by Thursday. Topics will vary from towers to promotions of a few possible generals. Should be fun.

Rules read them learn them and follow them

16783_Inactive, May 16, 03 3:09 PM.
1 Sentinals help each other
2 Sentinals never charge or accept donations for buffs from a clanner (they can refuse to buff a non-sentinal).
3 Sentinals never attack clanners unless both sides agree to fight.
4 Attacking Neutrals including npcs is not in the spirit of the Sentinals.
5 Sentinals are expected to help newbies.
6 Any non-immediate decisions will be voted on at meeting of general membership.
7 Applicant can vote at meeting but a majority of members and higher is sufficient to carry a vote
8 A Sentinal member or higher can only be voted out by a majority of the active members.
9 An applicant can be kicked by an advisor or higher.
10 Prejudice of any kind is not permitted.
11 Roleplaying is encouraged
12 PvP is not required
13 Begging is not allowed
14 Exploits are to be reported to Funcom and the guild
15 Exploiting is punishable by a removal from the org without having the majority of the votes


11427_Inactive, Apr 27, 03 3:38 PM.
The TDF website has been removed as it was never used for it purpose and infact was rarely read by anybody.
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