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jessilily has reached enlightenment

Warlord01, Dec 1, 05 10:16 AM.

Congratulations to jessilily for  reaching a milestone Gratz

President is 220

Andore, May 23, 05 8:23 AM.
Congrats to the President on lvl 220 :D

Nastjenka dinged 220 on Saturday to become the second BDS member to reach "enlightenment" (or whateva it is BDS members reach, dun think it's enlightenment tho lol).

Everyone please take a sec to congratulate her. :)


Andore, Aug 17, 04 7:54 PM.
Congrats to Monlight on dinging lvl 200 tonight!!

Welcome to Shadowlevels. :D

BDS gets First lvl 220

Andore, Jul 31, 04 12:14 AM.

Congratulations to Aussieborn!!

Black Dawn Syndicate's first lvl 220!

Aussieborn dinged late Thursday night to become our first 220 member.  Everyone please take a sec to congratulate him, and to beg him to do stuff since he will be really bored now. :D


Andore, Jun 24, 04 6:43 AM.
Congrats to Dibrome on lvl 200 and Snikibrat on lvl 200 and 201 (lol)!!!
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