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Denova Progression Update!
Sep 2, 12 1:33 PM
OPs Force
May 6, 12 7:36 PM
Come Join Us!
Apr 22, 12 2:07 PM
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A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away...


               The Treaty of Courasant

The Republic is fighting the evil Sith Empire for control of the Galaxy. Though there is a "peace" there is strife and lots of confrontations pushing them closer to war once again. The Republic has formed new groups to help combat those flair ups in hope of keeping the peace so they have time to rebuild after the sacking of Courasant. One such group is the fighters of Retribution that have formed a small tight knit Republic assault team. They are confronting the Empire in all conflicts and are starting to gain ground.......

Welcome to Retribution

  We are a group of casual players that like to have fun and also get the harder content in game done. We maintain a friendly atmosphere in guild and do not have any drama. The point to the game for us is to have fun, to level, group, craft and enjoy the story that this game provides us with. I don't think anyone in the guild will rush to end game content to just get there.

  We would love to add to this core group of players that has been gaming together for 2 years now. We would welcome any that are mature (over 18) as we do use profanity and talk about adult things in guild that I for one don't want to explain to a minor's parents lol.

  We are a mix of people from all over the US and Canada with the majority EST & CST with one MST.

  We are a group of very helpful players that enjoy helping new players in game to make sure they have a wonderful experience! In all phases of the game!

  If you are interested in joining us and creating new friendships and just having fun doing all the content this game has to offer please look for us in game or on this site and contact us in either place. We will take the time to talk to you and answer any questions that you may have concerning us or the game in general.

  Thank you,




Denova Progression Update!

waryrpryncs Vree, Sep 2, 12 1:33 PM.
Been awhile since we have posted an update....Denova is being cleared on story mode.  Ops Force has moved on to tackling Hard-Mode Denova!  Great Job OPS FORCE!   16 Man groups clearing the other OPs as well.  Keep up the awesome work Retribution and as always HAVE FUN!!

OPs Force

waryrpryncs Vree, May 6, 12 7:36 PM.
Our OPs Force is currently working on the progression for story mode in Denova. We're working on Col Vorgath at this time planning  on killing him tonight! Anyone interested in joining the OPs Force please review the info posted in the forums then ask an officer...i.e. Wotcher, Alexele, R'shiel/Rialla or the fearless leader GM Su-bai/Dai-su!  Keep up the great work Retribution OPs Force!

Come Join Us!

Isubai, Apr 22, 12 2:07 PM.
Just to let any potential person interested in Retribution know how to reach us. We are on the Jedi Covenant server (very populated) People you can reach to ask further questions or to ask for membership.
Guild Leader: Dai-su, Su-bai, Mahi and Cisu Main and alts
Officers and their alts:
R'shiel,L'rin, Rialla, Ash'an
Wotcher, Han'soloo, Deeshout
Alexele, Theve
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