Guild Tax Breakdown
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Some people have some questions regarding the new guild tax they will be able to get a mount or craft AND contribute at the same time, so I will try to explain how the deduction would work.

Let's say for simplicity's sake, our guild tax rate is 10% (it's actually 7%)....while you worked on a Public Quest you gained 10 silver in corpse coin drops, 1 silver (10%) would automatically be deducted and added to the guild vault. That does not include the one green item you got and auctioned off for 25 silver. It also does not not include the 8 silver you received when you vendored trash items from kills.

Total money earned: 43 silver
Total money deducted: 1 silver

Actual percent given to the guild vs money gained: 2.3%

While this is hypothetical numbers, they were set to the low side.

Now, the other guild I am in charges 50% tax. Outrageous you say?! Let's weigh that against the same numbers above.

5 Silver deducted from 10 silver coins (50%) looted from corpses. Add 25 silver gained from auctioning that one item you looted. Add 8 silver for the vendor trash you sold.

Total money earned: 43 silver
Total money deducted: 5 silver

Actual percent given to the guild vs money gained: 11.6%

As you can see, the actual percent contributed to your guild is significantly less than the actual money you made during that time period.

Our current guild tax of 7% is extremely minimal. As of this writing I have a rank 21 Shadow Warrior who, by the time she was rank 20 had more than enough gold to purchase her mount the moment she hit 20. At rank 20, I had already made over 50 gold (of course I spent some here and there) and that was done primarily through repeatedly doing scenario quests + Scavenging. It should also be noted that this toon has Talisman Making as a secondary profession.

So, how does contributing benefit YOU?

As the guild ranks up, you receive additional guild benefits such as access to Sigmar's Hammer merchants in Altdorf (where you can purchase renown gear at all tiers), additional teleport to Sigmar's Hammer (which is as good as a second "hearth"), stat boosts from Guild standards in RvR (that in turn allow you live longer, produce more damage & gain more XP, etc), guild vault + additional vault tabs for storage, deposit, and withdrawal.

That's just to name a few!

Now, RvR combat, Public Quests, regular quests, and scenarios make the Guild rank up, and taking keeps in RvR ranks us up at an accelerated rate. Taking keeps costs gold though in the form of upkeep. In T3 a keep will cost the guild bank around 5 gold per hour. Now, it's only fair that while the guild members are reaping the benefit of the guild's rankings, there should be some form of contribution. In a nutshell, guild tax is just one part of a larger engine that keeps us as a guild going.

You can find a full list of benefits we will unlock HERE.