Welcome to Dark Knights of Camelot

1. This alliance is representative of a diverse group of players. As a member of this alliance it is your duty to respect the freedom of choice that the game offers and to accept the fact that what you wish to do on any given day may be different from the wishes of another alliance member.

 2. Alliance Channel - There will be no obscenities, racial slurs, inflamatory remarks or inappropriate discussions held in the alliance chat channel

3. If you are asked to cease a discussion that someone finds offensive, cease, don't argue or name call. All such requests will be made in private tells and not in the alliance channel. If you do not comply with any GM asking you to stop, then /as privileges may be revoked.

4. The alliance channel will be used as a method of communication between guilds. If
a discussion starts to become too involved or intense between just a few people, please make a chat group to continue.

5. All guilds applying to this alliance will be reviewed by the existing alliance members. A vote will be taken and the decision to invite a guild will be a unanimous.

Please remember this guild is the leader of the alliance and it is our job to set the standard for this alliance.  All these rules apply to our guild not just our alliance.