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Your characters are separate from your user name, which is what you use to log on to the site and which is unique to you. Your character names appear in guild rosters and other areas. Please enter up to four of your EverQuest characters that live on the Saryrn server.
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Application Questions
In Denu you will have a main that you are expected to raid with. This will be your primary character that you will be expected to focus on getting it raid worthy. Raid worthy means the appropriate AA’s, gear, etc. What is the Name, Class, and Level of your main.
What expansions do you currently own? We do not have a requirement but currently we are raiding mainly PoP and Luclin with plans to expand to GoD.
Are you Epicced if not how close?
What Flags and Keys do you have? We do not have a Flag/Key requirement but it helps us to plan raids knowing who has what accomplished. Please list them in order of expansion.
What are the names of the guilds that you have been in/are in? If you have alts and hydras in other guilds we will need to know the Character Name, Level, Class and Guild name. Please list guild names in the order you were in them from first to most recent.
If your were recruited by a member of Denu can you please give us the name of the member that inspired you to join us. Please list only one name as there is a DKP award for recruiting certain classes.
If you know more then one member of Denu please list their names here. Only the person listed in the previous question will receive DKP for recruiting you but we wish to know all of the members in our family you are acquainted with.
What led you to apply to Denu? Was there a specific incident, raid, encounter you heard about or participated in that led to your interest in us? Please be specific.
We would like to know about your play style and experience. What assets to you bring to Denu that will make the guild stronger?
What is it that you expect to find in Denu? We are a raiding guild so we want to make sure your expectations match’s our philosophy. We are not a Social or XP guild so please think about this question before answering.
The officers try to be fair and consistent and in order to do this we insist that the members adhere to raiding and guild policies. If you have read the policies and you have questions on them we encourage you to bring it up during the interview but we insist that you read them prior to interview. Have you read the policies fully?
The officers consider looting an important part of any encounter and have developed what we feel is a fair and equitable DKP system and loot policies. Have you read our loot polices?
Our tagging process is quite simple. After you have filled out this application you will be contacted by an officer on line to schedule an interview. There will be two or more officers in on the interview where we will ask you various questions. If all parties agree we will then tag you. This is a probationary tag and for 30 days the general membership will vote yes or no. The officers will review the votes and comments on the vote thread and if no problems then will grant you full access to the site. Do you understand all the above and agree to it?